Here we will show you all the ways to get Apple Music for free. The are a few ways you can stretch the trial period. There are a few ways you can download songs from Apple Music and keep them forever. We will talk about these hacks in detail. Also, I know you are looking for Apple Music alternatives, so, keep reading!

How to Get Apple Music for Free?

I know how serious a question this is for you. Well, it was for me too. We are obsessed with Apple Music. There are all the reasons to be. In fact, its competitors are also aware of its potential and rapidly growing user base. Having said all that, I know you don’t really wanna spend $9.99 or $14.99 per month on an app. There are solutions that will make music streaming free of cost for life. But, let me first tell you how you can avail yourself of the benefits of Apple Music to the fullest. Also, read Why Is One AirPod Louder Than The Other? This Is The Guaranteed Fix (2022)

How To Get Apple Music For Free? Apple Music Free Trial 2022

You can’t play songs for free on Apple Music. By buying a subscription, you can enjoy the full range of features offered by Apple Music. Apple Music offers 1 month free trial period with all four of its subscription plans. It used to give 3 months but not anymore! The four subscription plans of Apple Music are


All you got to do is choose the appropriate plan for you and buy it. I expect you know that to use Apple Music, you need to have an Apple ID. You can create an Apple ID here. Click on Create Your Apple ID. To sign into Apple Music and buy a subscription, follow these steps: There you have it! A free trial of the most amazing Music Streaming App! Also, read How to Enable Auto Text Reply on iPhone in 2022? A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Get Apple Music for Free After a 1 Month Trial?

Have you been seeking the answer to the question “How to get Apple Music for free after 1 month trial period” so desperately? Well, there is a hack, you worry not!  After the exhaustion of your Apple Music Trial Period, sign out of your Apple Account and sign up for a new Apple ID. A new email address. Add a new payment method. Then sign into this new Apple ID with the steps I mentioned above. You are now eligible for another free Apple Music trial.

Download Music from Apple Music | Apple Music Alternatives

Apple Music’s USP is its rich library of music. Not everyone wants to buy it, though. Not you, for sure. Yet, you want to access all these songs. You want to keep your uncontrollable list of favorite songs offline.  The songs that you can download on Apple Music are DRM-protected, meaning they will be inaccessible once your subscription burns out.  If you want unlimited access to an unlimited number of songs, you’d want your hands on third-party Free Music Downloading Websites and Applications. They are Apple Music Alternatives, your key to reaching Apple Music for free, that perform deep-search on countless websites to find your searched music and create downloadable files.  Also, read AirPods Pro 2 Charging Case Features, Release Date & More

These are the Best Apple Music Alternatives You Can be Sure of 100% of the Times 

By Apple Music Alternatives, we mean both websites and apps to listen to and download music for free. So, these are not actually alternatives; these are better than Apple Music.

1. MP3Juices

You should be amazed to know that MP3Juices is a search engine. It deep-searches the whole internet of music streaming services and brings up numerous search results for the song you are looking for. It is also a Free Music Downloading Service. There is hardly any song that cannot be acquired by MP3Juices.  You can also use it as a Youtube Audio Downloader. You paste the song’s youtube link and tap the search button. It readies a downloadable song. In a way, it is giving you access to Apple Music for free, isn’t it? Visit MP3Juices Also, read How To Get the App Store Back on iPhone & iPad in 3 Ways


Muzmo is probably the only site where you can download all the music from around the world. Muzmo keeps changing their domain so keep an eye out on their recent updates in case you find or not working. Also, you might need to turn on a VPN to access the Muzmo site.  From downloading virtually anything that is in audio format to choosing bitrate, Muzmo is a game-changer. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular free music download websites. Visit Muzmo Also, read Airpods Microphone Not Working | Check 9 Fixes Right Now

3. MP3jam

With over 20 million songs at your daily disposal, MP3Jam is an ideal place for free music streaming and downloading legally. This site is absolutely obligation-free and doesn’t need you to sign in or enter a captcha. All you need to do is download their application and you are good to go.  The jukebox application of MP3Juices is so user-friendly that even your grandma can download music. One can even download entire albums from this jukebox which is a really unique feature given the fact that it fetches songs from youtube. Visit MP3jam Also, read How To Check Phone Temperature On iPhone | 4 Best Apps To Track iPhone Temperature

4. Spotify Free

Spotify is the biggest Audio Streaming Platform. Spotify has at least 188 million premium customers. It has more than 240 million free listeners. You do have to take the pain of redundant ads but you will have access to the world’s biggest legitimate collection of songs.  Visit Spotify Free Also, read What Does Notifications Silenced Mean On iPhone in 2022

Wrapping Up

The moral of the story is that the question is not “How To Get Apple Music For Free Forever?”, it is “How to Download Music for Free Online?” If you have access to any song that you want to listen to and have downloaded, you don’t need anything else. I hope you benefited from this article about Free Apple Music and Free Online Music Downloading. Until next time, Ciao! 


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