Bitmoji is not a normal avatar like FB or Instagram. It is way ahead of that. You can use it on your chats, as an image profile display, as stickers, and even collab with your recipients’ Bitmojis. There is more than this. That is why Snapchat has created an individual app for avatars. You can also change and try hundreds of dresses for your Bitmoji. Snapchat updates the dresses and other features for Bitmoji frequently. And, we have a new Adidas bitmoji outfit. That looks awesome. If you want your avatar to try it out, you are then in the right place. Let’s examine how to get Adidas Bitmoji merch and how to modify it.

How to Get Adidas Bitmoji Merch on Snapchat?

Snapchat recently announced on its blog “” the maiden Bitmoji Drop, it said: “Today, we’re excited to announce the first-ever Bitmoji Drop in partnership with adidas that allows Snapchatters to use Tokens to claim an exclusive adidas “Into The Metaverse” (ITM) track jacket.” Also, read Snapchat Bitmoji Update: 3D Bitmoji Even in Snapcode Now! The drop, however, will be available against tokens. And if you don’t get it before Friday, Dec 9, you won’t be able to save it to your Bitmoji’s My Closet. As Snapchat declared: “For a limited time only, Snapchatters can claim the exclusive adidas ITM track jacket in the brand’s recognizable yellow colorway for their Bitmoji, featuring the adidas web3 logo and black stripes on the sleeves. Those who cop the Drop by Friday, Dec 9 can sport the jacket in style, which will be saved to “My Closet,” and remain accessible even after the Drop ends. “ Here is how to get Adidas Bitmoji merch on Snapchat: Step 1: Open the Bitmoji App on your smartphone. Step 2: Now press the Hanger icon to explore the outfits. Step 3: Tap the Adidas Drop and select the Jacket. Step 4: Tap the “Claim and Wear” button. Step 5: Check your Tokens balance. If you have 250 Tokens, click Save. Step 6: Hit the Buy tokens menu. Step 7: Purchase Tokens. Step 8: Confirm the Jacket purchase by adding it to your My Closet. Step 9: Wear the Adidas Bitmoji outfit on your avatar and enjoy. Also, read How to Remove 3D Bitmoji on Snapchat in 6 Easy Steps | A Detailed Guide

More About Adidas Bitmoji Merch on Snapchat

Adidas Bitmoji merch is not available in all countries. It is a premium buy. You need to have 250 Tokens to get it. 250 Tokens will cost you $2.99. The yellow jacket is also available for a limited time. It won’t be available Dec 10, 2022, onwards. As Bitmoji Tweeted: Also, read How to Get Santa Hat on Bitmoji? Complete Your Christmas Outfit in 7 Easy Steps!

Wrapping Up

That is all about how to get Adidas Bitmoji merch on Snapchat. If you are an Adidas fan, the deal is open for just a couple of days. Get it now. I will let you know if I get any updates about the availability of the Adidas outfit in other regions. For more trending stuff, browse Path of EX!


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