The Lensa app is available for free. However, there are subscription plans you need to get the premium features unlocked on the app. The app works on the principles of artificial intelligence. Its tools and effects are accurate and awesome. The ability to recognize the foreground and the background lets you edit any mage like a pro. If you want to make your background darker, black and white, blurred, vibrant or colorful, the Lensa app does it in a blink of an eye. It also transforms your photos into animated ones. However, sometimes the app does not work according to the expectations. If you have ever encountered a service unavailable error, then this article is for you. I will show you how to fix the service unavailable on Lensa app.

How to Fix Service Unavailable On Lensa App?

The “Magic Avatar” feature is currently not running smoothly on the Lensa app. It is an overused and overcrowded feature. Many people encounter the “The service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience” message while accessing the feature. The issue is from the servers due to maintenance or overload. If this issue is from the app server, you cannot do anything but “wait.” However, there are many more reasons behind the unavailability of Lensa services that we are going to talk about and try to fix in this article. . So let’s begin with how to fix service unavailable on Lensa app. Also, read How Does Lensa App Work and How to Use It for Free?

1. Check the Internet

Any app might act strangely with your internet due to a variety of problems. To determine if the internet is operating properly, perform the following tests: a. View the balance of the data pack. Although it often won’t result in YouTube crashing difficulties, it occasionally can if your data allowance has been used up. Check and reload your pack. b. Examine the internet’s speed. It must be at least one MB. You can employ or Google to check the speed with accurate results. c. Check if your connection is stable. Verify that your other applications are functioning correctly. Open any video-sharing platform and keep the video quality to the max. If it doesn’t run smoothly, your internet is unstable. To fix internet issues, you can restart your internet connection, put your mobile phone on flight mode, reload the pack or contact the service provider in accordance with your issue. You have to solve your internet problems prior to trying to fix service unavailable on Lensa app.

2. Update the Lensa App

Lensa has recently posted updated versions on App Store and Google Play. To fix service unavailable on Lensa app, check to see whether your app is out of date or not. There’s a good probability you’ll need to upgrade the app if “Automatic Updates” are not enabled. Enter “Lensa” into the search field on Google Play or the App Store. Click the result to see if there have been any updates. Update your app if necessary.

3. Force Quit Lensa

Force quit removes bugs if any app has got any. You can also use this tool to fix service unavailable on Lensa app. On Android, the best way is not to swipe the app preview right or left in the multitasking window. Instead, go to that app icon, hold it for a while and press “App Info”. Now swipe down and hit “force Stop” at the bottom. On iPhone or iPad, swipe the app preview up in the multitasking window on your home screen.

4. Restart Your Smartphone

To fix service unavailable on Lensa app or any other app, restarting the device is my go-to remedy. Many common issues may be fixed by restarting your iPhone. However, it is preferable to keep your iPhone or Android smartphone turned off for at least a minute or two. Then start the device and enjoy.

5. Reinstall Lensa

Sometimes, force quit or offload (aka Clear All Data in Android) is not effective. In this matter, uninstall the app from your smartphone. Cache files, among other things, grow in size over time to the point where they interfere with any app. Cache files can be cleared, although reinstalling is preferable. Here’s how to do it proficiently: a. Remove the Lensa app from your smartphone. b. Turn your smartphone off for 3-4 minutes, and give it a rest. c. Turn your smartphone on. d. Get the app from App Store or from Google Play for iPhone or Android, respectively. Also, read What is Meitu AI Art Filter Anime Generator & How to Use It?

Wrapping Up

If you get the “Service Unavailable” message while using the Lensa app, it could be either an issue with the service from servers or it may be from your end. Though the former cannot be fixed by you, to fix service unavailable on Lensa app caused if it is from your end, try the 5 fixes given in the article. And let me know if it has helped you out in the comment box below.


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