As mentioned above the remote not working properly with the Samsung device is these days a common issue. Luckily, I have got a lot of fixes that can help you to understand the issue properly and you can make the remote function again properly. I have given some simple instructions that you can follow to fix the remote problem and that too without anybody’s help. Therefore, walk me through the write-up to understand thoroughly the issues about the Samsung remote not working and how to fix it.

Samsung Remote Not Working? How To Fix It

Disconnect the batteries from your remote, unhook your television, and pause 60 complete seconds when your Samsung controller isn’t functioning (Samsung remote not working). Hold down the key on your controller while you wait. Change the batteries in your remote and then connect your TV back in. Now your controller should operate!  To understand the procedure thoroughly (Samsung remote not working), please follow the instructions given below:

1. Reconnect Your Remote Control to The TV

It’s possible for your controller to stop working with your TV over time (Samsung remote not working). The remote and TV must be paired in order for the television to recognize which controller to react to. Usually, the controller and TV should couple up once they are turned on or restarted after a system upgrade, however occasionally you will have to actively pair or re-sync both. This may be particularly true following an unexpected blackout, such as one caused by a thunderstorm or electrical burst (Samsung remote not working).

  1. Direct the remote control on your TV so that it is on.
  2. The controller’s Play/Pause and Return keys should be held down for 10 seconds each.
  3. Your controller and TV may begin to connect and synchronize.
  4. Check the remote by using a few of the button options after they’ve been synchronized. Also, read Samsung is Here With Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition But You Can’t Buy it

2. Reset your Samsung TV and Remote

As far as Samsung remote not working is concerned, replace the batteries from your controller by first opening the rear. After waiting a full 1 minute, proceed to disconnect your TV from the socket. Waiting the FULL 60 seconds is important here. Reconnect the TV’s power when the allotted time has passed, then pause till the main screen displays. Reinstall the batteries in your control and check to see whether it operates. Unless it doesn’t operate, attempt taking the batteries out of your remote control once more and pressing and holding the start button for exactly 1 min. This will totally reset the remote by draining any remaining power. Check to determine if the remote works after replacing the batteries.

3. Change  Tattered or Dead Remote Batteries

Manufacturer, working temperature, and condition are just a few of the variables that might affect a battery’s lifespan. For instance, throwing the controller might destroy a battery, and fewer battery types may be more susceptible to spilling or eroding than some other types. Try checking the remote’s battery.

  1. Ensure to inspect the top and bottom of the battery for any crystallized grains, greenish coloring, or dusty white powder. Oxidation is the result, and it could be brought on by broken, aging, or faulty cells. 2 Disconnect the batteries right away and safely dispose of them if deterioration is found. 
  2. After that, clean up the remote’s connections to get rid of any rust.
  3. Lastly, insert fresh batteries into the remote and test it. Also, read Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 | Find All the Rumors and Leaks Here

4. Verify the Infrared Sensor on the Remote is Operational

Infrared light is used by your TV and remote control to transmit a signal. Your remote’s inability to control this laser may be the direct consequence of this malfunction. Using the cameras on your smartphone is one of the simplest ways to verify that the Infrared on your remote is functional:

  1. Users can view their controller through the cellphone screen by opening the camera app.
  2. On the controller, push any toggle or group of icons.
  3. With each push button on a functional remote, a red light would flicker through the camera lens.
  4. If there isn’t a red light, the remote control may well be broken or the batteries may be expired.

5. Eliminate all Potential Obstacles to IR Sensors

Another frequent problem is obstructions among the TV and remote. They must be able to broadcast and receive this light without encountering obstacles because your remote employs an infrared signal and your TV has an Infrared sensor. Fences, other electric impulses like Bluetooth, and big items like couches or loudspeakers can all be obstacles. Also, read Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Chromebook | 6 Rounds of Battle

6. Update the Software on Your TV

Regarding your smart products, Samsung might occasionally issue software upgrades (Samsung remote not working). There may well be instances when you need to actively update the software, even if the majority of updates are carried out immediately. Your TV and remote control might behave strangely, operate more slowly than usual, or fail to engage to some applications if you are behind on updates. Additionally, outdated software may cause the remote to just not couple correctly with a TV it had previously been functioning well with or to pick the incorrect menu item on the display.

  1. From the Home Menu screen, select the Preference alternative.
  2. Choose Network and Software Updates from the menu.
  3. Select manually to download any Pending Updates that you notice right away.
  4. Your TV will restart itself after the update has been downloaded.
  5. Test different instructions to check whether the issues you were having have been resolved.

7. Reset your Modem or Router

For all Galaxy smart objects to function effectively, your broadband connection must be steady. If you are experiencing problems remaining available, this may result in outages among your remote and TV.

  1. Make sure the TV is off.
  2. Simply switching it off or disconnecting the device, your router or modem can be reset.
  3. After waiting 30 seconds, connect to the router or modem and switch it on.
  4. Provide the web a chance to connect to it.
  5. Test to see if your smart TV and remote are currently functioning. By following the steps given above, you shall be able to understand Samsung remote not working and how to fix it. Also, read Released and Upcoming Samsung 5G Phones 2022

Wrapping Up

I hope, the article has met your expectations of learning about the Samsung remote not working issues, and how to fix it. I have given the simple but effective steps or instructions above in the write-up, and you shall be able to follow them to get rid of the remote issue (Samsung remote not working). Luckily, all the above-given fixes are well tested and verified and work properly without the help of anybody. I recommend following these steps and enjoying the streaming of content of your choice on your Smart Samsung TV. If there is any other question related to the Samsung remote not working, do write back to me in the comments section below.


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