Maybe you’ve observed that your Roku gadget isn’t as quick as it once was, or that few of your favorite apps have a glitch or two.  Here are just a few easy solutions to get your Roku remote back in working order. Is your Roku remote malfunctioning? It could be any of a series of issues, many of which are straightforward and some others of which are extra complex. Be connected to the article to know in detail the reason why you face issues like Roku Remote app not working, and get a complete solution.

Fix Roku Remote App Not Working in 8 Simple Steps

I’ll assist you in diagnosing why you face issues like the Roku Remote app not working in this article and, hopefully, get your Roku Remote app working again.

1. Examine the Batteries in Your Roku Remote

Let’s begin with a more basic explanation to fix the error like Roku Remote app not working: are you certain that your device’s batteries haven’t died? Slowly deteriorating effectiveness is a dead giveaway that the power supply is the culprit. Also, read Hulu Not Working on Roku: How to Make it Work? Some Roku remotes use two AA batteries, while others use two AAA batteries. Examine the remote’s sticker for confirmation. The batteries are available from behind the device’s backsliding board.

2. Connect a Roku Remote

Another prevalent reason for facing errors like Roku Remote app not working correctly is that it may be unpaired from the streaming device. Updated models, narrow bandwidth, changing Wi-Fi systems, pairing up with some other Roku box, or a simple software error can all result in an unexpected unpairing. Also, read How to Use an Android Smartphone as a TV Remote | A More Convenient and Comfortable Alternative in 2022 Luckily, connecting a Roku remote to a Roku box or video content stick is a simple process. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the power supply from your streaming device.
  2. Pause 10 seconds before reconnecting the box and refreshing the Home screen.
  3. On your controller, look for the bonding button. It is frequently located on the front of the gadget or in the charging port.
  4. Grab the button down for five seconds or until the Roku remote begins to flash. Keep in mind that certain older Roku models include an Infra-red mouse pointer that can be used instead of your Wi-Fi connection.  When you find that the infra-red Roku remote is not functioning, kindly review to see whether any tiny particles are obstructing the sensor on either the remote control or the TV set. If it still didn’t work, then look to see whether the light icon of the streaming gadget is clear of any obstacles. Also, read Top 7 Browsers For Roku Device To Enjoy In Your Leisure Time

3. Reset Your Roku Remote

As far as the error like Roku Remote app not working properly is concerned, Roku remotes could be reset by following a particular series during the box or stick boot process. Follow the steps below to reset a Roku remote:

  1. Take the batteries out of your Roku remote.
  2. Remove the Roku box/power sensor’s source (or, when you have an IR Roku remote that still appears to work, go to Settings > System > System Restart > Restart.
  3. Wait 10 seconds before reconnecting your Roku box to power.
  4. Allow time for the Home screen to load.
  5. Put the batteries back into your Roku remote.
  6. If the Roku TV remote still does not work, continue to the next step. Also, read How to Turn Off Closed Caption on Roku | Basic Roku Hacks in 2022

4. Examine for HDMI Intervention

In connection with the fixing of errors like the Roku Remote app not working, Roku acknowledges in its legal records that the remotes for some of its designs are impacted by interference from nearby HDMI cables. The issue is particularly pervasive on Roku streaming sticks, which connect to one’s TV’s HDMI cable. The remedy is to get an HDMI extension cable, which involves placing your broadcast pen even farther away from the Connector on your television. Also, read How to Mirror iPhone to Roku TV | Some Easy Steps to Follow You can use any HDMI extender you have left on the floor. Roku will send you an unrestricted short extension cable if you do not even have one. Keep filling out the correct format on the Roku webpage to receive your free installation. This must fix the error such as, Roku Remote app not working

5. Examine Your Wi-Fi Connection

Unless you’ve attempted all of the Roku remote debugging suggestions and are still having difficulty, your Wi-Fi linkage could be the issue. The Roku remote does not require an internet connection to connect to your box, but it does require an active local network. Unless your local system is down for any purpose, the controller will not function until access is granted. If you have sufficient technical knowledge, it may be worthwhile to investigate the router’s configurations; something may have occurred that is causing the remote’s connection to be obstructed. Also, read How to Turn Off Voice on Roku in 2022 | No More Voice Assistant

6. Make Use of the Official Roku Remote App

Whereas using your device as a Roku remote is really not ideal, there is a free streaming device remote app for both iPhone and Android that you can configure and then use. It’s a dependable, quick fix. Make sure the software is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku streaming device once you launch it for the first moment. Also, read How to Clear Cache on Roku in 2022 | Resolve Issues Now! As quickly as the software gets installed, the Discovery screen appears. Allow several seconds for the process to be completed, and the Roku box must be mentioned. Select the type to initiate a linkage. This contains access to unlimited Television programs on your gadget through The Roku channel the capacity to use your device’s headset linkage for private listening, keypad (and, on certain designs, speaker) feedback assistance, and the capacity to cast material from your gadget to the Television screen.

7. Diagnosing the Roku App

There are two key reasons why your phone app cannot see your Roku box:

Network Access: Check that your Roku box’s network access has not been disabled. To verify, navigate to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Control By Mobile Apps > Network Access. Check that the Default or Permissive check box. VPN: Please remember that if another device or your Roku box is linked to a VPN, the Roku remote software will not work.

Regrettably, irrespective of trying all the instructions, if the Roku remote is not working, look for purchasing the new device. Also, read How to Log Out of Netflix on Roku in 2022 | Easy Steps To Try

How can I Connect My Roku Remote App Manually?

While looking to fix an error like, the Roku Remote app not working especially when neither of the previous troubleshooting directions works, users could indeed link the Roku software to your Roku TV individually as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu.
  2. Select Connectivity.
  3. To find your Roku TV’s IP address, go to About.
  4. Activate the Roku app on your phone, go to the Devices tab, and then tap the three dots in the upper left corner.
  5. Select Connect Manually, enter your Roku TV’s IP address, and then click Connect. Also, read How to Log Out of Disney Plus on Roku in 2022 | Try Some Steps

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Wrapping Up

I hope the tips in this article have helped you to get fixed the issue like Roku Remote app not working. Keep in mind that your Roku Remote can control a variety of gadgets, such as your speaker system, so you won’t have to keep looking for different remotes. Please get back to me in case you face any issues when it comes to the Roku Remote app not Working.


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