PlayStations or other such devices are, in the end, electronic devices. It’s a fact: electronic devices are unpredictable. But you need not worry! We’ve got solutions for your problem that will fix this problem for you in seconds. Before we get to it, let’s discuss the error a bit:

What Is The “PS4 Won’t Turn On” Error?

Let’s be honest; no one likes their technology going crazy after a few uses. Especially when you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on it. PlayStation is a great console, but there are a few issues with it, which can keep you tinkering with it for hours. One of these errors is the “PS4 Won’t Turn On” failure. This is when your PlayStation won’t turn on despite your attempts to plug it in and turn it on. We know how frustrating it can be, but patience is key here. This is also true if your device alarms you with a beep or there’s a green light of powering on, but it disappears. We’ve got a solution to all of these problems; read ahead.

Causes Of PlayStation 4 Not Turning On

This is a relatively hard question to answer. There are many different reasons which can cause your PlayStation 4 to malfunction. One of the top reasons which cause this error is dust clogging into your system, which ultimately damages your electronic boards. Although this cause can be remediated pretty quickly, others require a little more effort. Blown sockets, faulty motherboards, and burnt power supplies are a few on a list of many. But, worry not as we’re going to cater to all of these issues individually. Without further ado, let’s get into solving your PS4 not turning on: Related guide: How to reset PS4 to factory settings

1- Replace The Power Supply

One of the most common causes of your PlayStation failing is a faulty power supply. These boxes are everywhere and are how most electronic devices turn on (hence the name). But, their failures can render devices useless. Firstly, take the power supply out of the plastic casing. Check if there’s dust, roaches, or anything else that tells you if something’s wrong. Similarly, burnt or broken chips, failing supplies, or faulty motherboards can also hurt your PlayStation. In such cases, it is usually better to get a brand new power supply. As is true for every other electronic device, they’re unpredictable. But with more modern appliances, you’ll have a guarantee that it works as intended for a good while. If you’re up for getting your older power supply fixed, you can contact Sony. If not that, you can also ask someone from a local electronics shop to take a look. However, the latter option can also hurt your warranty claims later.

2- Reconnect The Power Cable

Although you might not revert to the option of reconnecting your power cables, the solution is quite fruitful. When you do reconnect your cables, it sets off a power reset option in the hardware. This can effectively solve many corruption issues in the system. Here’s a little more detail into how you can do it:

Remove all cables and controllers from the PS4. Wait for 30 seconds or more. Reconnect the power cable and retry turning on the console.

Voila! Did it work for you? The task is relatively easy and can keep your gaming streak alive in seconds. If it doesn’t work, don’t sweat as we still have many solutions left for you to try.

3- Check The Insertion Of Disk

Oh, the mighty PS4! Often, a simple task such as inserting a disk into the PlayStation can get it working. Yes, you heard it right. Most people lose it at the system, not working, and don’t try to insert a disk. A simple solution is to add a disc into the drive and see if the console turns on. Here’s how you can do it right now: This is a commonly accepted solution, as well. PlayStations don’t work under inactivity and often require a push to get started i.e. a disk insertion.

4- Restart Your Device In Safe Mode

Often, the system’s settings are a reason why the console doesn’t turn on. Updating your system’s firmware can also solve this issue. All these options, to upgrade, degrade, or edit your system’s settings are available in Safe Mode. To enter safe mode on your console, you can follow the following steps: There are many options here for you to try debugging the problem at hand. You can upgrade the system or even rebuild your database to solve the issue.

5- Clear The Dust From PS4

Dust and other pollutants can also affect your gaming experience. These pollutants make their way into the console and set things astray. You can quickly get your console fixed if this is, in fact, the issue that has kept your console from turning on. Simply blow air into the vents. You can start by blowing air yourself. If it doesn’t work, you can properly open the top panel and clear the dust. Though it’s recommended that you don’t clear your console yourself, often, people are negligent and can make a more significant issue out of the device. You can avoid this by following a thorough guide on cleaning your console or having an expert do it.

6- Check For TV Incompatibility Issues

Televisions keep your PS4 alive, and they’re the essence of how you play. But, using an incompatible TV can also cause your system not to turn on. To resolve these incompatibility issues, you can try using your PS4 with a monitor or a different TV. If your TV supports modern devices, they should display your screen. If you’ve tried a new monitor with your PS4 and it turns on, then your older TV might not be able to pick signals from your console. In this case, incompatibility was the issue. Not the issue with your PS4? Move on; there are still more solutions for you to review.

7- Fixing The Issues With Hard Drive

Hard-drive corruption can also cause your PS4 to stop from turning on. Though it’s hard to figure out, you can test it out by taking your hard disk out and turning your system on. If it turns on, this might’ve been the issue. Before you go on with buying a new hard drive, you should plug it back in. Retry to see if your PS4 works with the same settings and hard drive. If it doesn’t or freezes, you might need a new hard drive to get your console working. You can also reset your PS4’s database. Boot into Safe Mode and use the “Reset Database” option to fix database issues. Follow on-screen tips to configure your console’s database settings properly.

8- Connect The Console To Wall Outlet

Power strips are great for having a seat anywhere and gaming away. But, they’re not primarily built to handle high-load devices. That said, Sony’s premiere gaming console is one of those devices which need a separate connection. So, if you’re using a power strip, it is better to unplug your device. Then, you should try to get the cable to be directly attached to the wall outlet. This way, your device has direct access to the electricity source. If you still want to use power strips, you should get a stronger one. These strips are better equipped to handle high-power devices like consoles and TVs.

9- Hit Your PS4

Unplug your device and give your device a gentle smack on the top. Often this gets the device going again if there’s an issue with the wires or boards on the inside. Retry turning on your PlayStation by plugging your device. Remember not to hit your console too hard. After all, it’s electronics that need to be catered to with proper maintenance. If it doesn’t work, there might be a different issue at play here. By now, you’ve exhausted most of the solutions you could’ve done yourself. Let’s try a different answer next.

10- Have Your PS4 Serviced

If you’ve been unable to solve the issue yourself, the problem might be related to the electronic boards inside. In this case, it is better not to touch the system as you might break your warranties manually. Better, go to Sony’s service center, and get your device looked at. There’s a high chance that they’ve already debugged this error. In such cases, they’ll help you out much better. If you have a warranty, that would add to your benefits as well. For more guides related to this, please check out guides related to the gaming world. Just remember, there’s nothing to panic about. Try to keep your calm and have a go at each presented solution. Often, out of anger, we miss out on some of the most common solutions to problems. You can also go to the service center directly if you’re unsure what’s causing the issue. These devices are widely famous, and their problems are documented, as well. With that said, they’ll have a much better understanding of how to help you out! Hopefully, this article helped you out. Make sure to bookmark and revisit us if something’s bothering your PlayStation again. Happy gaming!

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