Things that you can do from the MyHyundai app are many. You can remotely start, unlock and lock the doors of your vehicle. The charging status, charging schedule, and charging settings of a connected vehicle can also be managed from the application. In addition to scheduling car service, the connected car can also be found on a phone with the help of MyHyundai. MyHyundai app has reportedly been crashing on many devices.  I am here to fix your MyHyundai app not working issue. What I will do is guide you with different approaches to solve the problem. One of the methods should work in your case. So, without further ado, let’s commence!

Why is MyHyundai App Not Working? 

Let me first lay out the reasons that caused the MyHyundai app to not work properly. The reasons could be one of the following:

A glitch or bug in the app.Device compatibility issue.Older version of MyHyundai app.Low-data mode is turned on on your phone.A faulty internet connection.

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MyHyundai App Not Working | Solutions

I will give you 7 tried and tested solutions to fix the MyHyundai app not working issue. I recommend you try each one of them until one works. 

1st Solution: Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Alright

The internet connection issue is the most common cause of the MyHyundai app not working. You need a stable internet connection to use the MyHyundai app, be it mobile data or WiFi.  Try switching from WiFi to mobile data and vice versa. This will let you identify if the error is internet-related. Also, if you are using a router, check that. If you find either mobile data or WiFi not working, contact the service provider.  Also, read Why Does My Phone Say LTE Instead of 5G & How to Switch From LTE to 5G?

2nd Solution: Restart The MyHyundai App

Isn’t this the most common approach to every technological error? Just close it and reopen it. Well, mostly, it works. You close the MyHyundai app, close all tabs on your mobile, and then open the app again. This should solve the problem. If it doesn’t, move on to the next fix. Also, read How To Fix Kayo Sports App Not Working? 6 Best Solutions in 2022

3rd Solution: Clear Cache of The MyHyundai App

This is another fix that has helped many to date. Clearing the cache is a legit solution to many application-related problems. So let’s clear the MyHyundai app cache and fix the MyHyundai app. For Android users: Go to Settings > scroll down and find Apps > click on MyHyundai app > select Clear Cache. It is this easy.  For iOS users: Open Settings > then General > scroll down and find MyHyundai > click on iPhone Storage > press the Offload App button > install MyHyundai app again. Note: The steps can be different based on the version of Android or iOS you are using. After successfully clearing the cache memory of the application, open the MyHyundai app and check whether it is working or not.  Also, read Fix: Weather Channel App Not Working | Apply 11 Fixes RN!

4th Solution: Delete And Install MyHyundai App Again

This is yet another layman’s fix to the MyHyundai app not working. What you need to do is delete or uninstall the MyHyundai app from your phone. Once deleted, go to Playstore or App Store and download or install the MyHyundai app again.

5th Solution: Update MyHyundai App

Sometimes what happens is the developers launch a new update and the older version of the app goes haywire. It might be the case with your MyHyundai app too. If that is the case, all you need to do is update the application from your respective stores. It is possible that the new update will fix all the bugs and errors.

6th Solution: Restart your Device

If the former solutions don’t work you are left with the second-last solution i.e. restarting your device. To fix the MyHyundai app not working, restart your device the way you restart it for any other issue. After restarting, the app should work fine. Also, read How To Fix FIFA 23 DirectX Error 2022 | 7 Steps To Fix Your Problem

7th Solution: Wait Until The Developers Fix The Problem

If none of the above works, you are left with only one option i.e. waiting patiently. Many a time it is seen that some issues related to apps don’t resolve with any DIY solutions. The developers of the app come up with a fix and until then there is nothing you can do. You must have encountered such glitches on Instagram too.

Wrapping Up

MyHyundai app not working is not a serious issue. It will be resolved one day or the other. I am pretty sure the team of MyHyundai is also concerned about the issue as it is so rampant among users. But if you want to resolve the issue yourself you can try out the fixes I’ve mentioned. I hope one of them works out for you. I’ll see you next time!


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