When you cannot stream the shows and programs, you have a tough time turning your Roku TV on. There can be multiple issues, one of which could be the remote. Sometimes, you may need to change the position of the power cord, or the hardware of the device can also create trouble in turning on your Roku TV. This write-up will navigate you through troubleshooting steps to fix the error and enable you to watch the live streaming error-free. To know why you get an error like Fix Roku TV won’t turn on, scroll a little and get ready to follow the troubleshooting steps one by one so that you won’t face this error again at your end.

6 Best Steps to Fix It When Roku Won’t Turn On

I can understand it must be frustrating if you face such an issue, fix Roku TV won’t turn on specifically when you prepare to stream your favorite show or movie after a day’s hard work. I suggest not scratching your head and trying a few things to fix it.

1. Check Connections

When looking at how to tackle it when Roku TV won’t turn on, Please ensure that all the links to the Roku gadget are protected. There is a possibility something has bounced in a cable connection and has stretched it. The loosened links may result in insufficient capacity for the Roku player to function correctly. Therefore, better to verify if all links are secure. Also, read How to Clear Cache on Roku in 2022 | Resolve Issues Now!

2. Look for Another Power Outlet

When your Roku gadget is plugged in with the power socket and still not working, use another socket to see if the problem is with an outlet.  Hook it up with an external energy cable unless a USB cable connects the device on the television set. The Connector does not always give adequate capacity to run a device like Roku.

3. Ensure Using Roku Cable

Check that you are using the Roku cables that came with it. There is no harm if you use other wires also available with you. However, prefer to use the Roku cables since they are designed specifically. Also, read How to Turn Off Voice on Roku in 2022 | No More Voice Assistant Accordingly, look for other cables to use with the Roku device if possible. Trying other wires will help you cross-check where exactly the fault lies. By doing this, you should get to know about an error like, ‘Roku TV won’t turn on’.

4. Reconnect the Roku

If still facing the error like, Fix Roku TV won’t turn on, you need to reconnect the Roku device if everything in the gadget looks okay and works correctly. Ensure that you first disconnect it and then reconnect the device. By doing so, it should work correctly.

5. Upgrade the Roku Device

When facing the issue ‘Roku TV won’t turn on’ even after following the earlier given instructions, check whether the device is upgraded or not. If the device is not upgraded to the most recent software, then try to follow these steps:

  1. Click the Home icon on the Roku Remote.
  2. the Settings.
  3. Click on System Settings.
  4. Tap on System Update.
  5. Select Check Now. Check the device and see if the update is available. The update installation should begin quickly. Note: Do not pause the updating of the Roku device. Interrupting or pausing the device will make things worse rather than better. Also, read How to Mirror iPhone to Roku TV | Some Easy Steps to Follow

6. Look to Reset the Roku Device

If all the above-given instructions fail, try to reset the Roku device then. By doing resetting of Roku gadget, should clear all the issues. Moreover, it would help in getting rid of error like Fix Roku TV won’t turn on.

7. What Next if Roku Still not Working

Since you tried all the above-given instructions to fix Roku TV won’t turn on, and nothing worked, you better contact the Roku for further assistance. The customer care support of the company shall be able to resolve it or replace the device if it is still under warranty.

To get further assistance, you can email us: [email protected], or you can call on Phone number: (816) 272-8106, (408) 556-9040, Fax number: 408-364-1260.

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Why won’t my Roku Remote Turn on my TV?

As far as the error such as, Roku TV Won’t turn on is concerned, When you have new batteries that don’t work, look if any object or particle obstructs the infrared signals between Remote and Roku gadgets.  If that still doesn’t fix the error, then get repaired your remote. To repair the Roku Remote, follow these steps:

  1. Batteries should be replaced.
  2. Remove the Roku device.
  3. Replace the batteries.
  4. Maintain your finger on the pairing icon until the light turns green. Also, read Top 7 Browsers For Roku Device To Enjoy In Your Leisure Time

Why isn’t the White Light on my Roku Turning on?

When you have tried all the steps to solve the error like, Fix Roku TV Won’t turn on, and nothing works out, get in touch with the Roku support. If the problem is Roku TV, then contact the manufacturer to get it right.

Wrapping Up

The Roku TV gives freedom in streaming and offers a bundle of enjoyment at high quality. However,  it must be frustrating when you are unable to get rid of the error like, Fix Roku TV won’t turn on especially, when you expect to watch your favorite shows. The steps and instructions have been designed according to the error you face. I would recommend following the steps cautiously to get rid of the error. I hope this article has precisely met the expectations and needs you were looking for.


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