If your graphics card is not spinning, then do not worry. You can try troubleshooting. If you have to build a new system, then it is understandable you boot the system, but it will not work for you to make your GPU fan spin again with this. This thing can be a little bit tricky because you can not allow your graphic card to overheat. It can create display problems and hardware too. I have found 7 easy ways to fix your GPU fan not spinning. These are quick and easy to use, and they will not create more heat on your graphic card.

GPU Fan Not Spinning | 6 Ways to Fix Your GPU Fan

You will be surprised to know that the graphics card fan not spinning until your GPU temperature does not reach a particular level. Your GPU comes with an in-built cooling mode so that it can cut down unnecessary system noise. Many users get the idea of GPU fans spinning very late. After using their system for a long, they come to know that their GPU fan not spinning. You can also test what exactly is happening with your graphic card. To test, simply run any game or stress test/benchmark. This will help you to put your GPU under load. One more thing you can do is install MSI Afterburner, which will help to raise the speed of the fan manually. If you tried installing MSI Afterburner and running game both, but still your fan is not working properly, then it means your system is facing other problems. Also, read How to Clean a Mousepad | Clean Mousepad in 3 Simple Steps

How to Fix GPU Fan Not Spinning in 7 Ways?

Fixing your GPU fan is very important because if your GPU fan is not working, your system can create more heat, and that can affect Motherboard, also. I have explained 7 simple ways to fix the GPU fan not spinning, which you can try.

Is the GPU Underload?

Even if your GPU fan is not spinning, it is a tiny and common issue. Your GPU can be underloaded in certain cases, like if you are playing games or rendering images. Your graphic card reaches a certain temperature because of this activity. Also, read Is G-Sync Worth It | Learn More About G-Sync There are so many ways to test your GPU fan. First of all, restart your computer and then notice your GPU fan because generally, when you start the system GPU fan runs at full speed. If your GPU fan not spinning after this, then your system is facing a problem. Now, the second way to test your GPU fan is to put your GPU under a stress test. Just after this, your GPU fan will run and catch heat. If your GPU fan does not run, then immediately stop the test because your GPU will start heating.

1. Reseat the GPU and Check the Cable

If your PC is on, power down your PC first and then unplug everything carefully. Now, open the case and look inside. Take the GPU out carefully from the PCle slot and then fit it again. Please ensure your GPU is properly locked into a place. You can also fix your GPU in a second PCle slot temporarily for this test, but if you do not have then do not worry; make it as it is. Now, check you have plugged all the cables into your graphics card because the GPU needs more power to supply from the motherboard. You have to be aware of your cables and use the cables that come with your PSU. Even if you have connected all the cables, there are chances that some cables are not properly connected, so take it off and plugin once again. Also, read PC Cable Management: How to Manage PC Cables Like a Pro?

2. Dust the GPU

If you have already taken the GPU out for the plugin, then this is the perfect chance to dust the GPU. If your GPU is surrounded by a large amount of dust then, this could also be the reason for the GPU fan not spinning. You can skip this process if your system is completely new. This is a very simple step to make your GPU fan run again. Please ensure you use a gentle cloth to clean the dust from the GPU. Do not use a damp cloth.

3. Update the GPU Drivers

Keeping your system up to date is always favorable. This will give you the advantage of the latest features and bug fixes. Updating the GPU drivers can help to solve the glitch in the software. That will help you to fix the GPU fan not spinning. If you have any doubt that your latest GPU drivers have ruined the system, then you can again use the previous drivers to make your GPU fan spin.

4. Control the GPU Fan Run

As we discussed earlier, the GPU’s fans don’t spin until they reach a particular temperature. As the temperature increases, the fans spin, and they start the process of making the card cool. I have found that many people change the curve of the fan. You can also change the curve of the fan if you want it to spin before the default setting.  Also, read How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor | Best Guide For Windows & macOS 

5. Test the GPU on Another System

There is one more thing that you can try if your GPU fan not spinning. Try to fit your GPU on another system so that you can find out where the fault is. If your GPU works really well on another system, then it clearly means that other parts of your system are not working properly. The power supply can also be one of the reasons. If the power supply is not enough for the GPU, your fans will not spin. If the graphic card does not work on another system then the reason might be the PSU, the PCIe cables, or your motherboard. Try to replace all these parts and then check if your GPU fans are working or not. 

6. Return the GPU to the Manufacturer

If all the ways I have explained above fail, there is only one thing left. There are chances that your GPU has some fault. You can try to return it to the manufacturer. You just need to check one thing your GPU is under a warranty period, so you can return it and buy another one. Also, read How to Reset Graphic Driver in 3 Easy Steps | Reset Now

Wrapping Up 

In this article, we have discussed everything about GPU fans not spinning. Try all these 7 ways to fix your GPU fan. I have mentioned all the details in every fix so that you can figure out the reason for your GPU fan not spinning. Follow Path of EX for more tech articles. Have a great day!!!


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