The feature is helpful as it is a convenient tool for planning and ensuring safety among your family members and friends. It even allows users to track the location of friends and family members. You are on the right page to get things under control when such a helpful feature fails to work correctly. Here is a detail of all the probable reasons and fixes to Find my friend and no location found. You only have to follow the steps, and half of your problem will be solved.

What is No Location Found on Find My iPhone?

When the Find My Friends app shows no location found, there is some issue. It happens when the location service is not working correctly. The application works based on GPS and the phone’s location service. Hence, when any issue occurs, the app may malfunction. Also, read How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone in 2022 | Easy 10 Step Guide When the phone’s internal operation undergoes any problem, the GPS and the location tracking system may get disturbed. Any error or severe may cause something terrible, so the app will not be able to track any location of the user’s friends or family.

Why Does Find My iPhone Shows No Location Found?

There are many possible reasons for showing no location found on iPhone. There is an underlying problem when encountering any such issue on your iPhone. So let’s discuss the possible reasons for the same. The reasons are the ones on any iPhone and Android phone.

  1. Your friend may have an inaccurate date on his device.2. The friend whose device you are searching for is not connected to a network.3. The Hide My Location feature is active on the person’s phone you are searching.4. The Location Services are turned off on your friend’s device5. Unfortunately, your friend has not signed into that service.6. Your friend is located where Apple does not have this feature. Also, read How to Use Clipboard on iPhone | 3 Best Clipboard Manager Apps for iOS

How to Fix Find My iPhone Shows No Location Found?

There are many reasons why you face such problems. We have also curated the potential fixes that help you fix no location found on your phone. You may use any one or more than that to solve your problems, and we can assure you you would get a suitable solution through the list given below.

1. Check the availability of Find My Friend in your locality

Before using the app Find My Friends, check whether it is available in your region or country. Apple Inc has not started this feature in all the countries and regions. The main reason for this is local laws and technical issues. So, the app may not work correctly in that particular region. Also, read How to Share Screen on Facetime on iPhone, iPad & Mac (2022)

2. Check GPS or Location Services

You must check the GPS and the Location Services in your region. If you have enabled the feature, switch off, leave the app, and then allow the service. Then after doing these, you might find the feature working again smoothly.

3. Adjust the Date and Time

Sometimes incorrect dates and times may become a hindrance in using those apps. When you manually set the date and time, change the settings to “Set Automatically” in your General Settings. And you are done! It is enough to resolve the problem for Find My Friends location not found. Also, read What is Share Focus Status on an iPhone and How to Use it in 2022

4. Check the Internet

Always check the internet services you use before concluding something wrong with the Find My Friends app. The location you are looking for may not be available as your device does not have Internet. You may try turning the internet services on and off. Make sure your bandwidth is robust for mobile data or Wi-Fi networks.

5. Close and open the Find My Friends App

You may even face a problem with your app due to some momentary or technical difficulty. You can resume services by clearing the cache before opening the app; that may do magic to your app.

6. Your Friend should have Signed into Find My Friends

Check whether your friends have signed into the app. By any chance, if your friend has logged out of the feature, then you will never be able to access them. They have to open the Find Friends app, log in and enable the location sharing feature. Also, read How to Make a Ringtone on iPhone in 2 Easy Ways | A Step-by-Step Guide 

7. Enable Share My Location

Your friend has to enable Share my Location on their phone; otherwise, you will never be able to locate them. Follow the steps below to do it For iPhone users:1. Go to Settings2. Go to iCloud Settings.3. Find Location Services and click on it.4. Enable the Share My Location feature. For Android users:5. Go to Settings.6. Go to Additional settings.7. Click on Privacy, then location.8. Enable the Share My Location feature.

8. Restart your phone

The last resort when all the above options fail is to restart your phone. It is one of the most common options for many mobile-related issues. The steps for iPhone X and 11 are slightly different; for other iPhone models, you only have to press the Power button and wait for the slider. For iPhone X and 11, hold either the Volume button or Power button together to get the slider on the screen. Next, drag the slider to the right side and shut down your phone. Wait before restarting your device, and the feature starts working. Also, read How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone | Ways to Recover the Messages

Wrapping Up

The above fixes come in handy to enable the Find my friend application on iPhone or any Android Phone. I have tried one of them myself, and to my utmost surprise, it worked. You can also try the above fixes and see the results yourself. You would find any such fixes for your phone or apps on our website, Path of EX.


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