However, like all the other applications, Discord has some issues as well, Discord No Route Error being one of them.

What Is Causing Discord No Route Error?

There isn’t any specific reason that might be causing this problem. However, from the different user reports, there are few scenarios that have caused no route error. Here are a few common causes for this error:

If you have a third-party firewall or antivirus running, the Discord won’t be able to make a connection with an external server. If the IP address (typically Dynamic IP) assigned has changed, the system resources might get stuck, causing the no route error. Discord might be blocked or restricted on the network you are using to access it.

When trying to connect the server that is hosted on a different continent, this error might prevail.

How To Fix The No Route Error?

Errors can be a real pain (we know!), but don’t worry. For this particular error, we have listed down some tried and tested solutions. Try them one by one, and we hope Discord no route error will be gone in a few: More related guides:

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Fix #1: Reboot And Restart

Have you ever slept off your problems? Exactly, this is what works sometimes! Restarting your computer is similar to the sleeping off your problems. The first and foremost question you’ll be asked by the help desk will be, “did you try restarting your computer?”. Wondering why you should reboot your PC along with the router or modem? Well, there are specific system resources that get stuck. In order to fix these resources, it is recommended to restart your devices as a different IP address might resolve your issue. Now, here is what you can do. Firstly, restart your modem/router and then check if the error is still prevailing. If it does, try restarting your computer, then along with the router/modem again. Once everything is rebooted and restarted, test your Discord.

Fix #2: Disable QoS

Quality of Service (QoS) is a service over networks that allows packets to be prioritized while they’re being transferred. Most voice applications use high-priority packets to reduce lag and ensure better quality when it comes to performance. Discord does it too. However, most applications can’t handle QoS settings and produce more problems. Disabling “High Packet Priority” in Discord can help you counter the problem as well. Here’s how you can disable Discords’ QoS right away: If it works, this was the solution to your problem. However, if this didn’t bring results, scroll down below and have a look at other solutions we’ve presented.

Fix #3: Check Your Firewall And AV Settings

The firewall allows internet packets to flow through your system and come back in. But, if the configuration is messed up, your Discord packets can’t go through. This can also produce the “No Route” error in your application. For starters, you should check your Firewall settings to see if they allow Discord to make connections or not. This is how you can check your Firewall settings:

Fix #4: Change Your Voice Server Region

It is no science, the location of your server matters. The distant the server is, the more lag and ping issues you’ll face. Therefore, it is essential to choose a server that’s near you geographically. In simpler words, you might be facing no route error because the server is in a different location, or there is a region outage. Whatever the reason is, you might have to change your region to fix this issue. If you have administrator rights for the server, you can change the region yourself. However, if you don’t, then ask the admin of the server to do so for you. Here is how you can change the server if you are an admin: For this particular fix, you might have to restart your Discord after changing the region. Once restarted, try connecting to a voice channel to check if the issue is fixed.

Fix #5: Remove Your VPN

If there’s one issue most people point out, it’s Discord, and it’s an unhealthy relationship with VPNs! However, it isn’t the case with all VPNs. If your VPN doesn’t make use of the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) for connections, you’re up for a change. Discord seems to work fine with VPNs that have this protocol enabled or allow support for it. So, if you’ve changed your VPN service or modified some configurations in it, you might want to switch it back. This will help you re-establish your connection and bypass the ‘No Route’ error.

Fix #6: Verify Whether Discord Is Blocked By Your Network Admin

There is a strong possibility that Discord is restricted or blocked by your network admin if you are using Discord in school, library, or public places. To know if this is the case, you can either ask them directly or check yourself if Discord is blocked over the network you are connecting with. Follow these steps to resolve the issue: Hopefully, this will resolve your issue if it is related to network admin.

Fix #7: Change Current DNS Server To Google DNS Server

DNS servers are used to get access to websites over the network. Your device makes a connection to some website by accessing its IP address (a strange number for each resource on the network). This IP address is actually returned by that very DNS server. Often, DNS servers fail to return resources over the network. Let’s not get into the nitty-gritty details of the problem at hand and switch back to Discord. If the DNS server is, in fact, the issue here, you can change your DNS server settings to get your Discord application to work again. How, you may ask? Here’s a list of steps you can follow to change your DNS server settings to a well-known DNS server i.e., Google’s:

Fix #8: Renew Your IP Address

No route errors are also caused by varying IP addresses. As we’ve discussed, IP addresses before they’re also assigned to your machine. So, each computer gets an IP address, which helps it connect to the network or gain access online. Now, if your system is configured to use DHCP (or what causes varying IP addresses), you need to change this. Many people who’ve experienced this error have a quick workaround for this problem; manually renew your IP address. Here’s how you can renew your IP address on a Windows machine: There you go! Now you have a renewed IP address. This will work on all Windows versions and won’t raise another issue.

Fix #9: Use Discord Through Your Browser

Discord’s desktop application is often the originator of this problem, as well. Usually, application developers make different applications for each platform, like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. This means each platform has its own application. If other solutions haven’t shown much luck to you, you can try to access Discord via your browser. This can help you bypass the issue and get access to your profile almost immediately. Though the interface might be different, there’s not much difference in terms of features.

Fix #10: Check Your Connections

If the error isn’t fixed yet, there is one last thing you can do, check the connections. Check all the connections related to the Internet. If you are using a router/modem, make sure that it is connected properly. Furthermore, restart the modem and test the Discord. We hope that any one of the above worked for you! If not, then consider changing your gaming router or ask for customer help on Discord. Happy Discording!

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