In connection with the lost iPhone issue, I would suggest you stay on the article since it is written to help those who lost their expensive iPhones. There are simple instructions given in the article, and if followed correctly, a lost iPhone could be traced back easily. Even if the iPhone lock was broken, the data and other private information would be restored. One can follow the instructions below in the article without the help of a technician also. Therefore, get ready to scroll down the article step by step to know how to find a lost iPhone without the help of police and other hard-core technicians.

How to Find a Lost iPhone | Know Some Amazing Steps

As far as how to find a lost iPhone is concerned, Apple recently made some changes to its existing Find My service feature. The current feature is clubbed with Find My iPhone and Find My Friends into a single app. With these features, the iPhone has become more vital than before in terms of security and tracking it down. Now one can easily track down the lost iPhone even if it is switched off. Also, read How to Remove a Device From Apple ID in 2022 This article will learn about the Find My App from Apple in detail and its configuration. However, you need to ensure first if you have an Apple Account created. If the phone you are using is stolen or lost, people who find it will not be able to access your bundles of private information. Get ready to see if the Find My Service option on the phone is turned on so that in an unavoidable circumstance, you get your phone back easily.

1. Set a Password

In connection with how to find a lost iPhone, While using an iPhone device, many people consider Face ID or Fingerprint Scanner a needless procedure. Such individuals are incorrect. Creating a password and protecting all of the content on your smartphone with either facial or fingerprints is an essential element of maintaining your data safe and secure. Consider the files and data: financial applications, personal discussions, the whereabouts of your homes and businesses, connections, messages, images, etc. Also, read How to Turn Off Low Data Mode on Your iPhone | Option to Disable Limited Connectivity Is it essential for a stranger to go through all of that? Navigate to Settings > Facial Identification (or Fingerprint Scanner) & Confirmation code and follow the instructions to protect the iPhone. It’s a slight annoyance to swipe your fingers or let Touch ID do its thing. The additional measures will become habitual to you within a few hours, and users won’t realize it.

2. Turn on Find My iPhone

While talking about how to find a lost iPhone, you need to double-check that Find My iPhone is enabled after you’ve created a password. It must be selected automatically, but you’d have to go out of your route to deactivate it, but double-checking now is advisable.

  1. Click on the Settings option on your apple device, and touch on the username at the top of the display. 
  2. Go to Find My > Find My iPhone. Ensure the button besides Find My iPhone is turned on and that the settings adjacent to Find My Network, and Send Last Location is turned on too. To refresh your memory, Apple’s Find My network may crowdfund the position of a gadget that has been reported missing. When you misplace the iPhone and designate it as gone inside the Find My app  Apple will utilize the Find My services anywhere on an iPad, cellphone, or Macbook to track it, even though it’s not hooked up to wifi. The primary users will be completely unaware that they are assisting you in locating your missing gadget. Whenever this function first debuted, I wrote a more in-depth article here. There’s no explanation why you shouldn’t use the internet to locate a missing Apple phone, whether yours or someone else’s.  Also, read How to Know If Someone Blocked you on iPhone | Few Simple Ways to Figure it Out Send Previous Address, on the other hand, is quite self-explanatory. When the charger becomes down, it will report its last location to Find My in the hopes of assisting customers in recovering it if it shuts down. When your smartphone is operating the Apple 15, you can still follow it after it goes off, although this feature is only accessible on recent iPhone models.

3. Take Benefit of Family Sharing

When looking to know how to find a lost iPhone, Apple’s Family Sharing feature not just helps you save money by allowing users to download a premium version on different systems for your family members, but it also works using Find My iPhone. If Family Sharing is enabled, one could see the address of all the gadgets linked to a household person’s iTunes Account. As a result, whenever you detect your cellphone has been stolen, you may urge a family member to start hunting for it.

4. Form Positive Habits

So far as how to find a lost iPhone is concerned, the most straightforward approach to safeguard your cell phone, specifically when traveling or in new places, would be to maintain a thorough check-up and never let it go. Take precautions! Perhaps excessively careful. Do not even leave your gadget in public where it could be grabbed and taken. Don’t get too worked up if you misplace your cell phone. Sure to take a deep breath and utilize Find My iPhone. Also, read How to Delete Screen Time Data on iPhone | Refresh Screen Time on Your iPhone

5. The Find My App Can Track Your Lost iPhone: My app is Crucial

When looking for how to find a lost iPhone, Apple’s Find My feature, previously known as Find My iPhone, is embedded into the system preferences of every Apple device. The iTunes Identity is used to activate and install the application. If you lose your device, the first step you should do is go to on a desktop, launch the Find My application on some other Apple product, or have a person from your Family Sharing club use the Find My app on one of the different iPhone models. You could also login in with your iTunes Account and utilize the Find My app on some other Apple phone. Also, read How to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone | Unhide iPhone Apps

Even if your iPhone is Turned Off, you can Track it Down

The iPhone 15 release significantly enhances Find My, designed to track down any missing iPhone, although it has been switched off or the charger has expired. As soon as the cell phone is connected to the Find My network, the capability will operate continuously. That implies whether or not the cellphone is turned on, its position will be accessible in Find My on your other gadgets and individuals in your Family Sharing network. This is how to activate the Find My connection again: Using your cellphone, go to the Settings menu and press the section containing your names and pictures. Next, on the Find My screen, select Find My iPhone. After that, ensure the Find My Network checkbox is turned on. Also, read How to Clear Keyboard History on iPhone | Reset Keyboard Dictionary in 2022 If you enable this feature, you’ll notice a message that states “iPhone Findable After Power Off” whenever you turn off your apple phone. You’ll see a pop-up window with more information by clicking the alert.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the article has fulfilled all your expectations regarding how to find a lost iPhone, especially when all efforts put in were in vain earlier on. At the end of the article, I suggest that it is better to take utmost care of the gadget while traveling and going out, irrespective of the steps given above. Since the iPhone device is pretty expensive, any single mistake or absent-mindedness can cost you thousands. I wish that no one should get into a situation where they have to scratch their head to look for how to find a lost iPhone.


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