When you are having problems with your Roku player, or if you intend to return it or give it to someone else, you should reset it. Resetting your Roku device will delete all of your settings and disconnect you from your Roku player. You would not be able to get back all that information that was once stored in the Roku account. However, fortunately, there are some methods by which we can restore the Roku device.  Here are two methods for restoring your Roku device to factory settings.

Things To Know Before Doing a Factory Reset on Roku Device

As far as factory resetting Roku is concerned, it’s critical to identify if your app’s functionality is inconsistent or consistent until it gets frozen or unresponsive. Is the video starting and stopping, or is the picture frozen solid? Can you regulate your gadget intermittently or not at all? If symptoms develop and disappear, external forces like the controller, the connection, or an HDMI cable could be blamed. Efforts must be made to rule out these options, particularly if the occasional behavior persists over a period. Also, read How to Fix Roku Airplay Not Working in 2022 | Easy Troubleshooting Steps

1. Replace batteries 

If you’re having trouble controlling your Roku player, consider downloading new compatible batteries in the controller. This mostly solution could reduce the number of diagnostics you need to do.

2. Check Connection

When you are experiencing infrequent replay troubles with greasy and blurry images, attempt live stream from another connected home on your system (e.g., smartphone, laptop).

3. Inspect HDMI cable

HDMI cables to transport massive amounts of information while supplying video and audio to other gadgets. Unless you realize scattered freezing or other video abnormalities, consider trying with a different HDMI port. Utilizing high-quality Power cords is critical, notably when linking a 4K Ultra HD and HDR handset to your Roku TV or when linking your Roku player or Streambar to a 4K or HDR TV. Also, read How to Fix Roku Remote No Volume Control Error | Follow the Steps

How to Factory Reset Roku Device With Remote Via Settings

In connection with Factory reset Roku, users have unquestionably experienced a moment once your mobile phone, iPad, or desktop “froze,” “trapped,” or simply failed to respond. One’s the Roku broadcasting gadget, such as these connected devices, has an operating system running software, and it, as well, could become sluggish. To proceed with the factory reset of the Roku device, please follow the below-given instructions.

  1. Click on the Home icon on your remote to reset the device.
  2. Go to the Settings: By tapping the left positional icon on your controller, users can access this from the left sidebar of the homepage. After which, using your Roku controller, click the up positional icon to open the Settings page.
  3. Click on System: Users could either use the OK icon on your controller or the right positional icon.
  4. Tap on Advanced System Settings. Note: Unless your Roku player is simply having trouble accessing the network, select Network connection reset from this menu. You won’t go through the procedure of setting up your gadget from the beginning this way.
  5. Factory Reset: In the lower right of your screen, you’ll see a code, enter that code to restart your Roku device.
  6. Hit enter with the Code shown on the screen.
  7. Hit Ok.
  8. Then, on your monitor, fill out the form and press OK.
  9. Choose Start Factory Reset: This will start turning your Roku off and back on. When the gadget restarts, you’ll see the Roku symbol wobbling around on the monitor. You would have to establish your Roku player all again after you reset it. Also, read How to Mirror iPhone to Roku TV | Some Easy Steps to Follow

How to Factory Reset Roku Device Without Remote?

In order to know about Factory reset Roku device, find the reset button on the back of the Television and click it to start factory reset, or use the Roku Remote Application to reset Roku TV without a remote. If your Roku TV doesn’t have a reset icon, click the mute and On key simultaneously.

How to Factory Reset Roku Device?

What Happens When You Factory Reset Roku Device?

As far as Factory reset Roku device and what happens after that is concerned, it will boot up to the main screen. If you don’t intend to sell the device or return it, instead of having a desire to use the gadget once more, you would require reconnecting to your local home connection. Also, read How to Turn Off Closed Caption on Roku | Basic Roku Hacks in 2022 Sign in to your Roku account on your smartphone or computer when you’ve linked to relink it to your profile. Once you’ve added the gadget to your Roku player, your Streaming media channels will start the installation. You’ll have to re-log into all of your connected applications.

What if You Forgot to Perform a Factory Reset of the Roku Device When You Sold it? What should You Do?

Users could be worried that somebody will utilize the private information, streams, or memberships unless you sell or surrender the Roku device without conducting a factory reset. As you can wirelessly execute a factory reset, users can disconnect the gadget from the Roku player. Go to the Roku webpage and sign in to your profile. After which, in the top right corner, tap your profile button, followed by My Account. Browse down the page. Tap on Unlink beside the gadget you want to delete from the profile. Also, read How to Log Out of Roku in 2022 | Sign Out of Roku Account Now! Once you disconnect a gadget from your profile, each of your private details, streams, and passcodes are deleted. This ensures that the current subscriber will be unable to connect your information. Remember that this will not cancel either of your memberships. When you no longer want to keep them, you must withdraw them manually.

Video on How to Factory Reset Roku Device?

Wrapping Up

The reasons for the factory reset of the Roku device and the ways are all listed in this article. The steps are incorporated most decently to suit the requirement of the general masses. Understanding all the steps above regarding factory resetting the Roku device would not require you to be a hardcore tech person.  I hope you have got the answer while scrolling down through this article regarding how to factory reset Roku device.


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