We all know that TikTok gave the users a great field to work on. Many existing platforms adapted the techniques and features of TikTok. Instagram took the opportunity and released Instagram Reels, a very similar concept to TikTok. It is not hidden that within just a few days, people started drooling over the new feature. Even today, many content creators are working every day to make more and more Instagram Reels.  Snapchat Spotlight used the same technique and came up with an amazing Million Dollar idea!! Yes, you read it right. Snapchat is ready to make a Million Dollar Giveaway.  Recently, the leading social media platform came up with a new feature called the Spotlight. Just as the name suggests, the feature is going to put you under the Spotlight. 

What is Snapchat Spotlight? 

Spotlight is the new feature of Snapchat. Very similar to Reels and TikTok, Snapchat’s new feature also surface videos up to 60 seconds long. With the help of Snapchat Spotlight, you also get the chance to earn. Yes, Snapchat is now a money-making machine.  Also read How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat 2021: Basic Ideas Snapchat was initially, a picture messaging app. Users can talk to fellow snapchatters by sending snaps that lasted just 10 seconds. Now with the new Spotlight feature, Snapchat has entered the field of mindlessly scrolling through videos. Snap said it’s even paying some creators to post – promising to fork over $1 million between the most popular creators on the app per day until 2021. It is very similar to the algorithm of its competitors. Snapchat shows you Spotlight feeds based on your views and replays.  However, there are a few differences between the Snapchat Spotlight feature and the Instagram Reels or TikTok. 

Is Snapchat’s Spotlight Similar to Insta Reels and TikTok? 

Although there are many similarities between Spotlight and Insta Reels and TikTok, there are some key differences that might intrigue you. Some of the key differences are:

Unlike TikTok or Reels, Spotlight does not feature a public comments section. The profile of the Spotlight user is private by default. (Privacy check)Spotlight users can keep their profile private and still feature in the Spotlight feed. There is no public view of likes or shares. (So, no rushing for numbers)Snapchat has allocated $1 million for days to go to the content creators. 

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How to Earn from Snapchat Spotlight? 

Snapchat’s policy of not featuring likes, shares, or comments gives a fair chance of play to every user. But the point remains how do we earn a share of $1 million every day. This means that there is a lot more opportunity to earn more and more.  According to the Spotlight guideline, “Snapchatters have the opportunity to earn if they submit top Snaps. Payment is determined by our proprietary formula, which takes into account various engagement metrics and other factors during each day.” Each video that gets featured on the Spotlight page will be offered the chance to partake in the sweet $1,000,000 a day prize that’s been offered by Snapchat since Nov. 23, 2020. Snapchat has a whole slew of different metrics that are being used to decide just how much money people make off of uploading their clips, however, there have been some people who’ve made life-changing amounts of money, and it doesn’t look like Snapchat’s stopping the revenue sharing any time soon. Once you start creating content, Snapchat will look into the revenue you have earned. They will send you a direct message via Team Snapchat and provide you the information about your earning. 

How to Create a Spotlight Snap?

Follow the given steps to create your first ever Spotlight snap: 

First, open the latest version of Snapchat. Make a video using the front camera or the back camera. Click on the “Send To” button. Click on the Spotlight button on the top of the screen. A pop-up will appear on the screen. Click on “Okay” 

With the help of these easy steps, you can easily create a spotlight snap. You can also use #hastags to make sure your video reaches as many people as possible. 

Learn How to Use Snapchat Spotlight Feature

Make the best of this amazing opportunity. Snapchat’s giveaway is creating a hype about the new Spotlight feature. Use your Snapchat now to make some innovative and creative videos. After that just sit back and wait for your winning amount!


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