Since it is a new app, you might want to know how to create an account in Hive. The process of signing up for Hive is similar to making an account on any other social media app. You can also message your friends on the app. You can DM on Hive social to all the people you are connected with. To enjoy all these features, you need to download the app now. With the app being user-friendly, it has a community guideline that every user must follow. But if you think that you want to remove a user or hide content you can do that as well! You can block someone on Hive Social. If you are unable to get the app on your phone, can you download it on your PC? Here is everything you need to know about how to download Hive social on desktop.

How to Download Hive Social on Desktop?

Hive Social does not have a desktop version yet. But you can download the app on your desktop using third-party apps. You can get Hive for your PC using the MEmu app installer. Here is how to download Hive Social app on desktop.

  1. Go to Memu Play’s official website.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete downloading and set-up of the app.
  3. Once you have installed the app, go to Google Play on your desktop.
  4. In Google Play, you can search for Hive Social.
  5. Download and install Hive Social on the desktop by following the on-screen instructions.
  6. After the installation is completed, tap on the Hive icon. You will now be asked to log in to your account.
  7. After you have logged in using your account credentials, you can start using Hive on your PC. So, now you know how to download Hive social on PC. You can easily understand how does Hive Social work. Currently, Hive is available on iOS and Android devices. Once they release a version for Windows, then you will get a Hive social web version. You can use Hive Social media from your phone. You can head over to App Store Play Store to download the app. Also, read What Does Question Mark Mean On Hive Social? Get Your Answer here!

What is Hive Social App?

Hive Social App was initially launched in February 2019, on the App Store. But the app has now risen to popularity because of its trending yet simple features. This is one social media app that is focused on the aim of social apps. The aim is to make interactions with your friends easy and fun. No more complicated ways for making videos or aesthetically pleasing feeds. Hive social app has themes that you can use on your profile. You can also post polls, photos, and videos on the Hive app. You can also add music & your zodiac sign to your profile. The simplistic features with an easy-to-use interface is a major reason why the app is gaining popularity nowadays. Also, read How to Follow Someone On Hive: 5 Steps [With Pictures]

Is Hive Social App Safe?

Hive social app is the one app that everyone has on their phone now. But is it a safe app? Many people on the internet were concerned about the safety and privacy of the app. But let me tell you, Hive social app is a safe one. The app follows community guidelines which are similar to most social apps right now. Other than this, the app is LGBTQ friendly. Hive social app lets you add your preferred pronouns on your profile. So, now you know that Hive social app is safe to use for everyone. Also, read Hive vs Mastodon: Which One Should You Choose?

Wrapping Up

There you have the answer to your query, how to download Hive social on desktop. Hive social app is currently unavailable on the desktop. But you can still download the app and join your friends on your phone. You can download Hive social app on your iOS and Android devices. Follow the website to know more such interesting updates. Keep coming back to Path of EX!


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