Many of you might have looked aimlessly for sites that let you stream and download your favorite anime episodes. The endless ads, spam, and fraud sites always find a way to fool us. But not anymore. With KissAnime, you can stream a lot of popular Animes and download them after registering.  Before we begin the process of how to download from KissAnime, it’s important for you to know that KissAnime is not a legal website. They do not have any rights to stream Anime. So, if you decide on using KissAnime, know that it’s illegal. Now, shall we begin?

How To Download From KissAnime From PC?

Many times when we stream from KissAnime, there is less streaming and more buffering. I am sure if you have ever streamed anything online, (that too without a Wi-fi connection), you just have faced the constant buffering. To avoid buffering, the best option is to download the episodes, and even better, you can download full seasons.  Below we have shared screenshots of the steps from which you can easily learn how to download from KissAnime. Here we are downloading an episode of High School DxD. Go through all the steps.  7. Scroll down. You’ll see the streaming options. If you want to stream online for free on KissAnime then click on the video player. If the content is age-restricted then it will first give you a confirmation pop-up.  8. Click on “Proceed,” and you will be streaming the episode on KissAnime. 9.  If you still want to download from KissAnime, then scroll below on the same screen. You’ll see the option to download the episode. If you haven’t registered then Kiss Anime will not let you download. That’s why we recommend you register first.  10. Here, you’ll see the “Download” button. Click on it to download from KissAnime.  That’s it! It is easy to download from KissAnime.  Also, read How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone: Easy 14 Steps Guide

How to Download Full Seasons From KissAnime?

Just in case you are more interested in watching the complete season offline then you can also try it in a few easy steps. It is quite similar to the above procedure. We are assuming that you have already registered with KissAnime. 

What If You Cannot Download From KissAnime?

There are chances that some of you might face difficulty. Sometimes even after clicking on the download button, the download doesn’t start. In this case, you can try clearing up your cache and deleting your browser’s cookies.  We recommend you download from KissAnime on the Google Chrome browser. If the download issue still persists, then it might not be your fault. There are chances that the KissAnime site might be down for a while. Try again after a few hours.  Also, read How to Download Hulu on MacBook | Easy Hulu Installation

How to Download from Kissanime?

Wrapping Up

While looking for sites to download Anime, I have faced many spam sites. And the risk that comes with it is undeniable. It’s better if you download from KissAnime that holds a platform for a large audience. I hope after reading this article you learned how to download from KissAnime. If it was helpful to you then you can comment below your experience.  Do not forget to share this article with your friends and have a great day!! Keep Visiting Path of EX for more interesting and helpful stuff! 


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