MyHeritage AI is a website that allows users to upload photos of themselves that they will convert into mind-blowing AI Avatars. And you can also share and download these pictures. People are going crazy about this trend because when using this website, you can see how you look in different periods (prehistoric times to Egyptian pharaohs’ period to medieval knights times) in history by generating pictures. So now you know what MyHeritage AI does for you, now read what follows to know how to do MyHeritage AI on TikTok.

How to Do MyHeritage AI on TikTok?

Here is your step-by-step guide on how to do MyHeritage AI on TikTok. So follow these steps to learn how to share MyHeritage AI on TikTok. Step 1: Open your Browser. Step 2: Type MyHeritage AI time machine. Step 3: Tap on the first result shown. Step 4: Select Try it now. Step 5: Tap on Select Photos. Note: Select at least 10-25 photos of the same person. Mainly selfies, but also full-body and upper-body shots. Upload pictures with a wide range of expressions. And don’t post photos of minors, nude pictures, or swimsuit photos. Step 6: Tap on Continue. Step 7: Fill in your Name and Gender. Step 8: Now, you need to sign up. Step 9: It will take some time to generate, so wait for 30-90 minutes, and you will get your pictures via mail. Step 10: Click on the link and select the theme available for free, if any. Step 11: Download pictures and share them on TikTok.

Is MyHeritage AI Free to Use?

No, it is not a free-to-use website, but due to being in the launch period, they offer free promotions from time to time. If there is a free promotion going on, then you can use it by tapping on the orange Try it now for free button. And during the promotion period, you can create one model and can generate images for 20 themes. And any decent one-time purchase allows you to create one model and all Time Travel themes pictures. Also, read What is QQ Different Dimension Me Anime Generator: Everything You Need to Know

Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this blog, and I hope now you know how to do MyHeritage AI on TikTok. Why wait, then? Go ahead, sign up on the MyHeritage website and get your pictures from different eras today so that you can follow the ongoing trend on TikTok. So that’s it for today. Take Care! And keep visiting our website, Path of Ex, for more such queries related to Social media, Gaming, and Technology. Till then, Bye! Bye!.


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