From sharing personal moments to job advertisements to business products everything is updated in the slide show format on the stories icon on Instagram. I love to preview the stories that update me about what is going on around the world. Well, who does not like to receive appreciation gifts while watching a story? Do you? This is what you are going to read here. Let’s not make it complicated anymore. Quickly read the steps below, which will help you to engage your audience on Instagram. Forget about the third-party apps when you can do it with a thoughtful strategy.

How To Do An Instagram Giveaway?

Instagram, a photo-sharing app is packed with advanced features. Here, you can use the different strategies to showcase your skills as well as promote your business products. Also, read 7 Proven Tips on How to Hack the Instagram Reel Algorithm in 2022 If you will see other rival apps like Facebook, or  Snapchat, Instagram stands out as the best and dominant platform by giving you the access to manage your personal as well as business account. Many businesses accounts on Instagram fail to reach the maximum audience to promote their brand. Whether you are running a big business or a small business, you must know about the strategies to gain your followers’ list. It is not only about creating an attractive business profile, but you also need to target the right customers at the right place at the right time. Although you have to upload the posts at a consistent time, you must know the strategies that will attract an audience to your profile. For this, you need to know how to do an Instagram giveaway. 

1. Choosing The Right Giveaway Strategies

Planning gives you fruitful results. Without having good planning, you will not be able to produce the good or the final results. The first step that you need to follow is choosing the right giveaway strategies. It will let you know what to do or what not to do.  Also, read How To Schedule Instagram Posts | 4 Simple Apps As you know, you are on Instagram to gain all audiences to your business website. So, increasing followers should be your target goal. To achieve this goal, follow these strategies that are listed below and learn how to do an Instagram giveaway.

2. Choosing The Prize Giveaway

The second step is to choose the prize for the giveaway. You can choose the product to giveaway to your audience. This will help you to increase the awareness of your product and you can get a big list of followers on your profile. Select the strategy for the prize by asking your followers to follow these points: Like and follow, Tag friends, Update the giveaway post in the story icon, and Repost your giveaway post. Tip: You can also use the hashtags that will help you to know how to do an Instagram giveaway post. It helps you to be visible on the explore page and ultimately leads you to gain audience reach. 

3. Set The Time Limit On The Giveaway

The third step is to set the time limit on the giveaway. Tell your Instagram audience to fulfill these criteria within a stipulated time and date. This is an easy step to become a pro on how to do an Instagram giveaway. For example, you started a giveaway on Monday and asked your followers to complete it by Wednesday and the winner will be announced on Wednesday. This will create an urge among the Instagram audience to complete this task and grab the giveaway prize. Also, read How To Search Multiple Hashtags On Instagram

4. Joining Hands With Brand Partners

To drive the audience to your business profile or the business websites. You must follow a strategy by joining your hands with the brand partners. This will let you be successful on the Instagram platform. After all, this is easy to do on the Instagram platform. If you have a new business, you can have a partnership with the new brands or the content creators and see the success of your business profile. It will help you to make something unique and let it flow on the feed of Instagram. Also, read Weekly Trend Report: 7 Top Instagram Reel Trends

5. Promote and Evaluate Giveaway Contest

Once you have announced the winner of the giveaway contest. You can promote your giveaway contest on Instagram and other social media platforms. This will act as a best-promoting tool for your business and help you to get a big list of followers to your business profile. After all, planning is useful only when you evaluate the results. Evaluating the results will help you to overcome the weaknesses and get a better idea of the participation criteria. I hope the above steps will help you to know how to do an Instagram giveaway.

Wrapping Up

Following the above five steps on how to do an Instagram giveaway will help you to grab the eyeballs of the audience towards your profile. Instagram will act as a best-promoting tool for your business. So what are you waiting for? Start the giveaway contest and achieve your target goals. 


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