If you have not maintained or achieved the longest wordle streak like me, you might wanna start over and do a Wordle Reset. Which is not so difficult to do. You just have to follow this blog to the end. To maintain a good wordle streak, you should start with a clean slate and do a wordle stat reset. You can notice the changes in Wordle from the initial easy Josh Wordle puzzle to the current New York Times-owned Wordle puzzles. Day by day it’s getting more challenging with double-lettered word puzzles. In light of this, your wordle score might have been hampered, so it’s only recommended to clear your wordle stats and reset to maintain the streaks cleanly. 

What Is Wordle Reset | Wordle Score Reset 2022

By erasing the Wordle site data and cookies on the browser that you use to complete your daily Wordle challenge, you may quickly delete and reset your Wordle score. By deleting the site cookies and doing a Wordle Reset, you can start a new streak on Wordle as if it were your very first game, and your score will be reset to zero. Also, read 8 Best Wordle For Kids in 2022 | Games Like Wordle For Kids

How To Do A Wordle Score Reset On iPhone & Android | Wordle Reset 4 Steps

The only place to play Wordle is on its website, which is accessible. It is available via The New York Times website. The first step in Wordle Reset is to delete your browser’s history. But first, make sure you take the Wordle bookmark off your phone’s home screen. Let’s discuss this in the steps below for convenience.  Steps To Reset Wordle and Wordle Score–

1. Remove Wordle Bookmark From The Home Screen

If you have already put the Wordle bookmark on your home screen, please be sure to delete it before you begin to do a wordle reset. To do this, tap Delete Bookmark from the popup menu while still touching and holding the Wordle bookmark.

2. Clear Your Browsing History

Wiping off the entire browsing history is the simplest way to do a Wordle reset. Here’s how to accomplish it on an iPhone or an Android device. Also, read Today’s Wordle Answer 3 November 2022 | All Weekly Answers Wordle reset on iPhone by clearing Browsing History – Wordle reset on Android by clearing Browsing History –

Tap the three dots icon after opening the Chrome app.  Click or tap “History” here. Click “Clear Browsing Data” now.  Select the time range and tap on ‘Clear Data.

Wordle reset on firefox by clearing Browsing History –

Click the hamburger menu button at the bottom right of the screen while Firefox is open.  Click or tap “History”. Select the time range to clear all of your browser histories by tapping on “Clear Recent History” in the history panel.

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3. Delete and Reinstall Third-Party Browsers

Reinstall the third-party browsers if you haven’t been able to reset your Wordle streak. You might be able to do a wordle reset by erasing all of the data with a clean new install.

4. Factory Reset

I don’t think you’ll need to use this extreme fix. It would be worthwhile to take a chance, though, if Luck still doesn’t smile upon you after trying the aforementioned fixes. Also, read How To Add Friends On Roblox On Xbox, PC & Mobile | Maximum Friend Limit Remember that an iOS factory reset and an Android factory reset have distinct effects. While the latter completely wipes out all of your device’s data. Therefore, carry out this approach while bearing these consequences in mind while you do wordle reset.

Wrapping Up

This was how to do a wordle reset. I hope you understood every step. Know that you know how to do a wordle score reset; just go and do it; after that, you can start a new streak on Wordle as if it were your very first game, and your score will be reset to zero. Reach out in the comment box with any further doubts. I want you to go and visit Path of EX to read my other gaming articles. Just enjoy your new wordle reset and take care. I’ll start working on another exciting gaming article for you.  Happy Gaming!


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