ChatGPT can teach you how to code. ChatGPT can also make your Tinder matches swoon over you by designing bespoke pick-up likes for you. ChatGPT is apparently so efficient it is expected to replace Google in the future. Since the day Elon Musk and Microsoft-backed OpenAI made its first appearance with its all-new AI-powered chatbot (ChatGPT), social media has been hijacked by its news. ChatGPT content detector was pretty much essential for the whole education system not to fall apart. Teachers and parents aware of this new AI chatbot were mad and worried about their children’s assignments. Some kind of tool was absolutely necessary to check. I mean, seriously, if I had ChatGPT on my school days, I’d have made my brother do them for me.

What is ChatGPT Content Detector?

ChatGPT can be easily used to write a complete essay on any given academic topic. For example, if a student is assigned homework to write an essay on the American Education System, the student can ask ChatGPT to write an essay on the American Education System and ChatGPT won’t disappoint. To the satisfaction of teachers, there is a tool that is a reported ChatGPT content detector. This ChatGPT detector is brought to you by Hugging Face. All you have to do is go to Hugging Face’s OpenAI detector page and insert the content you want to check. The tool will show you whether the content is real or fake. Also, read Is ChatGPT Down? Know Everything About AI Chatbot Server

ChatGPT Content Detector is Not Accurate!

Obviously, when a tool claims to catch the write-ups of a chatbot that claims to have no browsing power, there will be questions about its reliability. Let’s see if Hugging Face OpenAI Detector is reliable with an example. The ChatGPT login portal is a very simple login page. It is just like the login page of any other platform. But what ChatGPT is doing is not simple. There are speculations that ChatGPT might replace Google in the future. The chatbot is extremely intelligent and it is always learning. Now the chatbot is also available as a free Chrome extension. Google is a search engine that gives you answers to questions in the form of search results or websites that answer your query. But ChatGPT answers you directly; as if you are chatting with a person. Did ChatGPT write this? Let’s see. According to Hugging Face, it is 99.86% fake, whereas I wrote this article just a while back. The problem here is that this detector is actually more of a plagiarism checker tool. It saw that the write-up is already on a webpage and is showing it as a fake one. So, no, huggingface co openai detector is not reliable when it comes to checking whether the content is written by ChatGPT or not. Also, read Err_too_many_redirects ChatGPT Error: What Do Too Many Redirects Mean?

Wrapping Up

ChatGPT content detector gives relief to educational institutes and parents alike. But, we have seen that the tool is not exactly reliable. Although, I hope that in the near future, we will get a more advanced tool or a more compliant ChatGPT algorithm. Until then, let’s explore ChatGPT and see what information we can churn out of the AI-powered chatbot. And with this, I’ll bid adieu.


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