IMVU is available on all platforms; Android, iOS, and the web. It boasts over 7 million active users worldwide. But people do get bored. Also, for some, it was a “new trend” they couldn’t miss trying, which got weary in no time because the metaverse is not their thing. There are two things you can do; delete your IMVU account or keep the account and not use it (you won’t be charged to keep the account). Are you finding ways to delete IMVU account on the internet? Well, your search comes to an end here. I will tell you how to delete, deactivate, and recover your IMVU account. Lastly, I will also mention a few IMVU alternatives for you as a bonus.

How to Delete IMVU Account (2022)

You can delete IMVU account using both the official website and mobile application (Android or iOS). The process is the same. To delete your IMVU account permanently, follow these steps:

  1. If you are not logged in, log in to IMVU.
  2. Then go to the account closing page.
  3. Enter the password under Account Password and click Continue.
  4. You will get a confirmation mail saying that your account deletion process is complete. Also, read Get To Know 11 Fixes For Oculus App Not Working in 2022

How to Deactivate Your IMVU account?

Unfortunately, IMVU doesn’t allow deactivating an account. However, you can reactivate your deleted account via the green link in the confirmation email I was talking about earlier. If you cannot find the mail (because you have deleted it like yours truly), you can contact IMVU support or create a support ticket regarding reactivating your account. One thing worth mentioning: When you don’t confirm the deletion of your IMVU account through the mail sent by IMVU when you try to delete IMVU account, your account simply gets disabled. Once you confirm, all your data and interactions are deleted forever.

How to Recover IMVU Account?

I hope you had verified your email. If not, you won’t be able to reactivate or recover your IMVU account. When you delete IMVU account, you get a confirmation mail on the email address associated with your IMVU account. In case you cannot find the email, don’t forget to check the Spam or Junk folder. If you cannot find the mail anywhere mentioned here, contact IMVU. File a ticket or use Live Chat. Customer support should be able to help you recover your IMVU account. Also, read How to Create Oculus Account Without Facebook in 2022

IMVU Alternatives

If you are fed up with IMVU and want to try other alternatives or other virtual world platforms to be precise, check out these platforms:

Wrapping Up

I hope I could help you with your query. Now you know how to delete IMVU account. You also know that if you don’t confirm the deletion, your account remains disabled, which you can recover later. Once again, if you haven’t already, verify your email. Only then will you be able to recover your account after you have deleted the account. Until next time, Ciao!


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