The company has produced games like Warcraft, Diablo, and Hearthstone. You can purchase a license for a game permanently, or you can pay for a subscription to play games online on the Blizzard client. It did not take long for Blizzard to crumble apart. Many people want to stop supporting Blizzard by deleting their accounts due to the recent mishandling of few situations. The company made a few mistakes and handled certain situations poorly that caused this backlash. If you are not deleting an account following the bandwagon flaking Blizzard for their recent mistakes but due to personal reasons, or if you want to close an account of a person who recently died and left their account open. Whatever your case may be, deleting a Blizzard account may be difficult for you the first time if you are not familiar with where to navigate on the Blizzard website. Deleting your Blizzard account refers to delete all of your personal information that you have provided to Blizzard at the time of account creation. You will have to create a request to delete your personal information. Blizzard will then look at your request, and after thirty days, your account will be deleted permanently. You will need to remember a few crucial credentials related to your account after you know how you can delete your account. Here is some information regarding the backlash if you are out of the loop. The company tried to punish a professional Hearthstone player called “Blitzchung” after his comments about the Hong Kong protests. Blizzard denied him prize money while also banning him from competing in Blizzard-hosted tournaments. People started to heavily criticize Blizzard for trying to censor freedom of speech, and the majority of the people started to boycott Blizzard by deleting their accounts. Blizzard did not allow account deletion initially, but after a while, the option to delete accounts was made available to the public.

How To Delete Blizzard Account

If you try to search for an account deletion option on the Blizzard website, you will not find anything. When we are talking about account deletion on Blizzard, it refers to account deletion as deleting your personal information, including your email address, name, payment methods, and other sensitive data, that the user has provided Blizzard at the time of account creation. If you want to delete your Blizzard account, you should look for deleting your personal data. If you are not looking to delete your account but to shut down an account of a deceased person, I will also write down the full details on how you can do that as well. Account deletion should be easy to do as long as you carefully follow the steps listed down below:

Steps To Delete A Blizzard Account

Please note down that after you complete the account deletion process on Blizzard’s website, your account will not be deleted immediately. Most companies will begin a cool down before they completely delete the information from their servers, as the last chance that you might change your mind. After the thirty-day cool-down period, the user account will be permanently removed from Blizzard servers and database. Also, during the thirty days, you would not be able to use the same email for new account creation on Blizzard. Here is how you can submit a request for account deletion on Blizzard:

Open the browser on your PC or mobile and head over to this link for account deletion: “” The webpage will ask you to log in to your account. Log in with the account credentials which you want to delete.

After entering the credentials of your account, press the “Log In” button to log in to your account. You will be redirected to the account deletion request page. On the page, you will see information related to account deletion and what you may lose after deleting your account. Read the information on the page with attention and after reading the whole stuff, check the box asking your permission for an account deletion request. Then press the “Proceed” button.

Blizzard will send you a verification code on the registered email to check if you are actually requesting for account deletion. Enter the verification code that you will receive on your registered email address and press “Submit”.

Upon clicking “Submit”, you will receive the following message as a confirmation that your account deletion request has been accepted and will now be in processing.

As mentioned previously, it will take 30 days to delete your account from the Blizzard database and servers. You can also track your request by clicking “My Tickets” on the webpage of Blizzard support. Meanwhile, the company will also send you a link that can be used to cancel your account deletion request in case you change your mind. After thirty days, you will receive an email address from Blizzard support that your account has been successfully terminated.

What Happens When You Delete Your Blizzard Account

Deleting your Blizzard account is a request to remove all of your data, including the purchases you have made on the website, your email address, and more. During and after submitting the request for deleting the account, Blizzard will try to warn you about the data that will be deleted. The list of data that you will lose after the request completion is:

Your name, contact information, and all of the security details will be deleted from the servers (like credit card information, contact information, etc.) Since the payment history will be lost, you will also lose all of your purchase histories. All of your purchased games, in-game items, promo codes, and everything will be lost. Your online game accounts, which you might have created to play a specific game, will also be lost along with the progress that you have made in any of these games. Your order record will also be removed, and you will not be able to contact Blizzard support from that account. Finally, if you have any remaining Blizzard Balance, it will also be good as lost.

Now, if after 30 days of an account removal request, you will not be able to recover the data ever again. It is like the data never existed on the account. The licenses that you claimed by purchasing a specific game or subscription will be forfeited. Account data recovery will be impossible under any circumstance. So, make sure that you want to delete your Blizzard account. You can use the Ticket Number to check your query if your account still exists after 30 days of the account deletion request.

Is It Safe To Give Blizzard My ID?

Yes, it is safe to give your ID to Blizzard. Blizzard will ask you for your ID to make sure it is you, not a hacker that had your credentials, who wants to delete your account. Blizzard even states on their website explicitly that they will never use your confidential ID other than verifying account ownership. Security can be compromised way easily in this era of technology. No doubt the security is improving so are the ways of phishing and scamming by criminals. Blizzard will ask for necessary documents, i.e., identification via government released ID cards. Make sure that the following things are visible on the identification card are visible:

Your First and Last Name. Address. Date of birth. Name of the Government body that issued the ID card.

Blizzard will check if the information that you have provided is valid with the details on the ID card information and nothing more. After confirmation, your account will be processed and deleted within 30 days.

How To Delete A Blizzard Account For A Loved One Who Has Died

If you are not looking to delete your personal account but want to deactivate the account of a deceased person who was closer to your or someone you knew for a long time. Blizzard also provides support for deactivating a dead person’s account. If your close friend or a relative has recently passed away and knew their account details, as most people share with people with who they are close. The whole process may be time-consuming. If you want to delete the account of a person who has died, please follow the steps mentioned down below:

Open a browser on your PC or mobile phone and head over to the website mentioned down below: “” Press the “Contact Us” button, and you will be redirected to the log-in page. Log in to your account or use the credentials of the deceased person. Under the “Description box”, write down the necessary details convincing the Blizzard support that the person is deceased and you were close with each other. You can also attach the death certificate of the person by clicking the “Attach a File”. When done, press the “Submit” button.

Your request will then be forwarded to Blizzard support, and they will contact you related to your query via email. Follow the instructions if necessary in the email for deleting their account. You can check the status of your request after clicking “My Tickets” which could be found on the top right corner of the Blizzard support page. Blizzard might also ask for other documents to confirm if you are trying to delete the account of an actual deceased person. Provide the necessary information to continue. It may take more than 30 days for this process. If the request is still pending, contact Blizzard support again using the Ticket Number to check the status of your request.

Share Any Needed Verifications

Whether you are looking to deactivate your account or you have filed a request to delete an account of a deceased closed or loved one. The support will likely ask for crucial documents for verification. Verification is necessary as your account could get compromised, and the hacker decides to delete your account for fun. Hacked accounts are nothing new. It is also possible that you might have logged into your Blizzard account from a gaming zone to play with your friend but forgot to log out, and someone decides to delete your account as a prank. Everything is possible in this age of technology where security is strict as ever. To ensure that the account deletion request is generated by the owner of the account, Blizzard may ask for your ID. Blizzard accepts the Government-issued photo IDs for recognizing as the owner of the account:.

Birth certificate (for people aged under 18) Driving license issued by the government. You can also submit a learner’s permit if it has your picture printed on the document. Passport Government-issues photo ID card Voter registration card with photo (for Mexico)

The documents which Blizzard will not accept for verification at any circumstance are:

Your school-issued identification card. Guy membership identification card. Library membership card issued by the library or college. Military photo identification card.

The reason why Blizzard asks for such confidential documents is to verify that you are the liable account holder of the account which you want to delete. In the case of a deceased person, attaching the required document is very crucial. Attaching any picture will be acceptable as long as the following details are visible:

Your address. Your First and Last Name. Date of Birth Name of the Government body that issued the identification card.

You can also use photo editing software to cover the rest of the details of your identification card (like your photo, date of issue, date of expiry, etc.). Related guides: What Is A Twitch Raid? & How Does It Work?What Is Anti Aliasing & Why Is It Important For GamingHow To Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning?NVMe vs SATA: What Is The Difference? – (The Ultimate Guide)What Is GPU Scaling In 2023? – Everything You Need To Know!How To Use MSI Afterburner To Boost PerformanceHow To Fix “GeForce Experience Something Went Wrong”Is Green Man Gaming Legit? – (The Ultimate Review)How To Fix “Roblox Error Code 267” – (9+ Solutions)How To Fix “Overwatch Rendering Device Lost” Error?Fixed: VAC Was Unable To Verify The Game Session – (Updated)Fix “” Minecraft Error You cannot deactivate your account either if you are not sure about whether you are going to delete your account or should keep it. You can leave your account inactive for a long period. It may get deleted after some time if Blizzard will detect inactivity for a longer period. You can deactivate your account for yourself, and Blizzard also offers support for canceling subscriptions and account deactivation on the behalf of a deceased person. Either way, after 30 days of requesting your account deletion, there is no going back. Your account will be deleted after 30 days, and nothing will remain. It will be like there is no data existed on the account ever. If you decide to change your mind after submitting a request for account deletion after a couple of days, you will have the option to revert the changes, and Blizzard will not delete the data from your account. All crucial information is included in the article. If you have followed the step mentioned in the article carefully, you will have no trouble in the deletion of your account. Blizzard has released many ground-breaking games in the past and is currently working on releasing new games.

#1 – How do I permanently delete my account?

You can permanently delete your Blizzard account after submitting a request for account deletion on the Blizzard support page. Head over to the following website on the browser of your PC or mobile phone: “”, log in to your Blizzard account, enter necessary information and submit your request. The request can take up to 30 days to complete to give your time in case you want to change your mind.

#2 – Does Blizzard delete old accounts?

No, Blizzard will not delete old or inactive accounts unless they are completely empty, without any game data or purchases. Blizzard may delete the account automatically if the account has nothing, and hasn’t been used for many years. If the user has any game activity on the account and decides to not use the account for a long time. Likely, Blizzard will not delete the account.

#3 – Does Blizzard delete inactive accounts?

No, just like with an old account, if the account has some activity previously, even in a single game, for a long time, your account will not be deleted. If the account is empty without any activity in any game, the user account may be deleted sooner than expected.

#4 – How do I get rid of age restrictions on Blizzard?

Many times a person would try to wrap things urgently and many times make a mistake like putting wrong information etc, while creating an account. If you have accidentally put the wrong date of birth by mistake and you want to change it but you have no idea how head over to the customer support page from the browser on your PC or mobile. Mention your problem to the support, and a ticket will be created related to your query. Make sure to provide the necessary details in your ticket request. If you did not, the support will ask for it explicitly.

#5 – How do I remove my credit card from Blizzard?

Open your browser on your PC or mobile and sign in to your account. Head over to the “Payment and Subscription” page. Select the credit card that you want to delete. Click the link right beside the credit card icon to delete the credit card information related to your account.

#6 – How do I change my PayPal account on Blizzard?

If you want to delete the PayPal account from Blizzard before adding a new account, head over to the “Payments and Subscription” page and select the PayPal account that you want to delete. Click the which is with the side of the PayPal icon to delete the account. Now click the “ADD A NEW PAYMENT METHOD” on the same page to add a new PayPal account. Select “PayPal” under the “CHOOSE PAYMENT TYPE” and press “Continue”. Then select the “Continue to PayPal” button. Follow the on-screen instructions to add a new PayPal account on Blizzard.

#7 – How do I put money on my Blizzard account?

You can add funds to your Blizzard account via your credit card, PayPal account, or you can redeem the code via the Blizzard gift cards. You can purchase gift cards worth €20, €50, and €100. After redeeming the code, the balance will be added to your Blizzard account, and you will be able to purchase anything for all Blizzard games.

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