In recent years, the number of kids using this gaming platform Roblox has increased exponentially. But rising popularity also means more media exposure. Numerous debates have surrounded Roblox, leading some parents to question whether the game platform is appropriate for their kids. Let’s find out how to delete a Roblox account below. Although using Roblox is enjoyable, you may wish to remove your account if you no longer wanna play fully. You need to go through some extra steps because Roblox doesn’t make it simple. Roblox doesn’t want to see you go, so the process is complicated. If you want to learn how to delete your Roblox account, check out this Roblox guide. 

How To Delete A Roblox Account Permanently 2022 | 3 Methods

Explaining how to delete a Roblox account permanently is not at all easy. There is no one-click option or automatic approach to remove your account on Roblox. Instead, you must speak with Roblox customer service and request that they remove your account. Here are a few approaches to accomplishing this.

Method 1: Contact The Roblox Support Team

You can delete a Roblox account by contacting the Roblox support team via email, call, or the online support form. Let’s learn How to delete a Roblox account by contacting the Roblox support team. Steps to request Roblox Account Deletion –

Send your request to delete your Roblox account using the online support form. Send an email to [email protected] asking for your account to be deleted. Tell Roblox customer support that you wish to remove your account by dialing 888-858-2569.

In each of the aforementioned scenarios, you must state your Roblox username and provide your email address to prove your identification. Also, read Who Is Your First Friend On Roblox | Is Builderman the CEO?

Method 2: Remain Inactive For A Year

You can get your Roblox account deleted automatically if you remain inactive for a year or more. According to Roblox, inactive accounts are deleted after a year in order to make room on its servers for new users.  In other words, your account will be automatically canceled after 365 days if you don’t log in. Simply stay idle and forget about your Roblox account for a year if there’s no pressing need to deactivate it. Your Roblox account should be permanently deactivated as a result.  Also, read 15 Most Expensive Items In Roblox in 2022 | Must Check Out! Scroll down & see another method on How to delete a Roblox account below if this method sounds inappropriate to you. 

Method 3: Violate The Roblox Policy

If your delete request isn’t successful and a year is too long to wait, you can try the traditional method. You can purposefully violate Roblox’s official rules of service and immediately get banned from the website. Of course, we have zero tolerance for this approach. If any of you Bravehearts decide to travel down this road, be careful not to do anything that might be against the law in your country.  This was how How to delete a Roblox account. Remember that getting into legal problems is the last thing you want to happen. Please be aware that once removed; your Roblox account information cannot be retrieved. Roblox does not recover deleted accounts, per corporate policy. Think carefully. Also, read How To Refund Items On Roblox | Get Full Refund On Roblox

Wrapping Up

So, this was how to delete a Roblox account. Just make a firm mind and delete if you are addicted because there are many things in life you may be missing by indulging more into this Roblox game. Do share this article with your Roblox friends who think you should delete their accounts. Visit Path of EX and check out all the other important Roblox articles. That’s it for today. I’ll definitely see you again on another Roblox blog. Until then, take care.


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