Taking care of returns is one of the most important aspects of running an e-commerce store. Since profit margins are so thin, it has to be a priority to deal with them the right way. In this article, we will give some tips on how best to handle returns and still be profitable. 

Fast Shipping

The most important aspect when it comes to handling returns is to make sure that you are shipping out a replacement as fast as possible. Use the same day courier like courierschicago to make sure that the replacement gets to the customer in a timely fashion.  Even sending the original parcel needs to get there fast as sometimes returns happen because an item didn’t get to them on time and it is no longer needed. Make sure that tracking is enabled so customers can track their package either when they originally ordered it or to see when the replacement will arrive.

Give Accurate Descriptions

The best formula for reducing returns is to make sure that customers understand exactly what they are getting when they order it. Descriptions with detailed specifications should be clear and easy to find so the customer doesn’t get something that doesn’t fit their needs because they didn’t have enough information.  People should also know how long it takes to receive a package. When they have an item in their shopping cart make sure it is clear how long it will take to arrive. Many returns happen when they expect a product to arrive sooner. 

Have a Clear Policy

A bad return experience on a customer’s end can reflect very poorly on your store. This is almost always because of a lack of communication or understanding. If your return policy is not clearly stated or that it is very complicated then when a return is made and it isn’t what was expected then it will cause the customer a lot of dissatisfaction.  If you don’t want returns at all and put a time limit on when they can be refunded then this is very important to make sure that people understand when they make a purchase. 

Be Sustainable

Everybody knows that returns are not exactly eco friendly. Between the extra fuel used to ship a replacement or an item back to the warehouse to the packaging used there is little about the process that is sustainable.  Make sure the package the original item was packed in is the same one the customer can ship it back to you in. The customer should also be able to print a return label themselves rather than have one already printed just in case as that is wasteful. 


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