This is why it’s so important for business owners to be aware that negative things can happen and to take these issues and use them constructively. Read on to find out how to deal with adversity and grow your business; it is possible, and it can actually help you hugely.  Use It Constructively It might sound strange, but the fact is that you can use negativity and issues within your business constructively. By reframing things in a positive way, you can use the adversity you are facing to make your business even better than it currently is.  Of course, the criticism you receive is not going to be pleasant; no one likes being told there is a problem with what they are doing, and no one likes to receive negative feedback, but if you can take what is being said and change the problem areas so that customers, clients, suppliers, investors, and anyone else who might take an interest can see that you are listening and doing what is needed, that will put you in a positive light. Not only will the issue be fixed, but your reputation will grow as a result.  Allow Yourself To Feel Upset It’s best not to let your personal feelings and emotions have anything to do with your business life if you can help it – they need to be separate so that you can make good business decisions without worrying and so that you can do what’s best for the company, rather than individuals who might be involved.  However, when it comes to dealing with adversity in business, sometimes it can be good to allow yourself to feel upset. If you do, you’re more easily able to examine just what it is that is causing the problem because you’ll understand your triggers more. It might be that you have payroll issues, and need better payroll software to help you. It might be that you’re worried about taxes. Perhaps your competition has just come out with a new campaign and it’s doing well. Whatever it is, look at how you feel and use that information to prioritize the work you need to do to improve your business.  Is It Really Negative?  Something to consider if you want to deal with adversity and use it to grow your business is whether or not what you felt was negative really was. When you are emotionally invested in your new business – and this is what is likely to happen, no matter how you might prefer not to be – then anything that is said will feel personal. It’s easy to think that some comment was criticism about what you’re doing. However, was it really? It’s a good idea to take a step back to really consider what was said and what the feedback or criticism really means. A piece of well-meaning advice might sound like a negative thing, but it’s actually positive. Before you get too upset about things and make life harder for yourself and your business, really examine the words said and the actions made, and it might be that it’s not so bad after all. 


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