Hive social app is known for its simple yet aesthetic layout. The app currently lets you customize your feed with various themes. You can add your zodiac sign to your profile. The app is inclusive for members of the LGBTQ community as well. You can add your preferred pronouns to your profile as well. With all the buzz around this new app, do you want to know how to make an account in Hive? Let me tell you how to create an account in Hive.

How to Create an Account in Hive?

You can create an account in Hive with a few taps. You can download the app on your phone by following this step-by-step guide. Here is how to create an account in Hive. 3. For example, you choose Sign up with Email. 4. Tap on Sign up with Email. 5. Enter your Email and Password. You will get a verification code in your email. 6. If you did not receive the code, tap on Use phone number instead. 7. Enter your country code and phone number. 8. Tap on Next. 9. Enter the six-digit code. 10. On the next page, Enter your date of birth and verify your age. 11. Tap on Next. 12. Enter the Display name and Username and tap on Next. 13. On the next page, Add at least 3 interests and tap on Done. 14. Tap on Start exploring. 15. Finally, you will be directed to the Discover page. In this way, you create your Hive social app account on your phone. Note:- Hive social app is in the beta test phase for Android users and it will be available soon for all Android users. Also, read Is Hive a Safe App? Everything You Need to Know (2022)

What is Hive Social App?

Hive social app was first released on App Store back in February 2019. However recently the app gained popularity for its simple and interactive features. The app claims to have a positive and simplistic social app. With features like post photos and videos, polls, and comment interactions with GIFs it is a fun app. Unlike most social apps out there, Hive social app is made for you to be social. Engage with your friends without the complications of all the modern social apps. Also, read Mastodon Poll: How to Use Polls on Mastodon on App, Browser, & Desktop

Wrapping Up

This was all about how to create an account in Hive social app. You can make an account on the app easily with these simple steps. Share this article with your friends and let them know how to create an account in Hive social app. Keep coming back to Path of EX for more such updates.


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