So, if you are tired of using social media platforms like Twitter or any other platform, CounterSocial is the best option. I am sure you would find something unique in this platform and enjoy spending time here. So, without wasting any time, read my article now. It has all the required details to create the account. You may also share your feedback and experiences in the comments below. So, read ahead on how to create account on CounterSocial.

How to Create Account on CounterSocial?

Creating an account on CounterSocial is easy. Although it is a new platform in social media, creating an account is not at all difficult. Hence, when you wish to do so, please follow the steps below: 1. Open your Play Store or App Store and install the CounterSocial app.  2. Launch the app on your device. 3. You will come to a registration page where you have to fill in the required fields. 4. Then, you will get a confirmation email with your ID. 5. In the email, you have to click on “Verify email address.” 6. Enter your email and password here.  7. After successfully installing it, you will land on the page of the dashboard of messaging app. You can access the available options and features on your mobile. Also, read How to Change Username on CounterSocial in Just 7 Steps!

How To Login CounterSocial On Mobile?

The simple steps are mentioned below when you wish to use your mobile to log in to CounterSocial. Believe me, I just did it, and it is super easy to follow and do it. 1. From the Play Store and App Store, download the CounterSocial app.  2. Launch the CounterSocial app. 4. Choose your Preferred language. 5. Click on the Register button. 6. When you wish to register a fresh account, you must have a unique username, email address, and password and confirm it.  7. Then, you receive a confirmation email in your email. 8. In the email, you have to click on “Verify email address.” 9. Enter your email and password. 10. Click on the Let’s Go button on display.  11. Finally, tap on Next and then tap on let Me in Now. The CounterSocial account has been created, and you can also log in and use it from your mobile.   Also, read How to Add a Relay to Your Instance: 4 Best Mastodon Relays

How To Delete Your CounterSocial Account?

I know you will not need this process as of now. But under any circumstances when you wish to remove your account from the platform of CounterSocial, please refer to the steps mentioned below. I am sure they will help you ahead. 1. Login with your CounterSocial Account.  2. Tap on Three horizontal lines on the top right side of the screen. 3. Tap on Edit profile under your username. 4. Come to the end of the page, and click on the “Delete Account” heading.  5. Here, under the Delete Account heading, you will find a link to “Proceed Here.” 6. Tap on the link and complete the process of removing your CounterSocial account.  Also, read How to Turn Off Animated Emojis in Mastodon? A Step-by-Step Guide

Wrapping Up

CounterSocial is a new addition to the social media fraternity. Hence, users may find it difficult to create an account to log in to their account. But my article will help you overcome the same. So, this was all about how to create account on CounterSocial. I can assure you to stay tuned to our website, Path of EX. I would bring in more details on CounterSocial and other related platforms. I also believe this platform may become an alternative to Twitter in the days to come; who knows? Let’s check it out in future articles.


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