From a template or a blank sheet, we’ll teach you how to make an invoice in Excel.

How to Create an Invoice Using a Template from Excel

When you use a template to make an invoice in Excel, the process is pretty simple and easy to follow. Most templates contain step-by-step directions on how to fill up the various sections of the document. An Excel template may be used to create an invoice, as shown in the following guide:

1. Search for and Choose an Invoice Template

The File menu may be found in the upper-left corner of the screen when Microsoft Excel has been launched. To access the Excel Workbook Gallery, select New from Template. Put “invoice” in the upper right corner of the gallery’s search field. Invoice templates should show on the screen. Check out their demo and keep scrolling down the page until you find the perfect template for your company. Simply double-click the template or click once and select the Choose button.

2. Customize and Edit the Excel Invoice Template

First, ensure your requirements are fulfilled and that the template has all of the relevant sections of an invoice. There are a few things that every invoice should have:

The phrase “invoice” in the header The company name and contact information The name and contact information of the client The date by which payment is due The date on which the invoice was issued The unique invoice number An itemized list of goods and services with a short descriptionA subtotal for each good or servicePayment conditions Any taxes or discounts The total amount due 

Start customizing the template once you’ve double-checked everything and added anything left out. Start by customizing the template with the company’s colours, logo, and chosen font by using Home menu formatting options from the top. To complete the transaction, add the purchasing information. It’s easy to understand what information should be included in each component of the invoice template shown below. Complete the invoice by filling in all its fields and submitting it to your customer. 

3. Export Invoice Format in EXCEL

You may download Export Invoice Format in excel for free and customize them to suit your needs.

4. Save and then Send the Invoice

To save your completed invoice, choose File and then click on Save as. A popup window will ask you to set the name of the invoice and save it in one of many formats. We suggest storing the invoice as a PDF to eliminate any document compatibility difficulties and ensure that the customer gets an unchangeable and clear invoice. Email, fax, and software-based invoicing are the most common methods of sending an invoice.

Creating an Invoice in Excel (Mac)

Follow these steps to produce and send invoices using a free Excel invoice template on a Mac:

Launch Excel

Open Microsoft Excel on your computer and search for invoice templates(free) by choosing File in the menu bar. Then choose New from Template. You’ll be sent to the page with comparable templates.

Find Templates

Look for a search bar in the computer’s top left corner to focus your search. It’s easy to use. Just click it and put “invoice” into the search box. Choosing the most relevant invoice for your organization is essential, whether searching for anything like a billing invoice or a service invoice.

Choose Your Desired Invoice

There are several templates available in the templates area. Find the ideal template for the job you’re doing. Your final option should include all billing and work details.

Export Invoice Format in EXCEL

You may download Export Invoice Format on excel for free and customize them to suit your needs.

Personalize the Template

On all the fields in the templates, add the following information:

Save The Business billing app invoice

Before saving the professional invoice, double-check that all of the additional information you included is accurate. Then save it as an xlxs or PDF in Microsoft Excel. A PDF file may be sent to a customer.

Send a Business billing app Invoice.

Microsoft Excel invoices may be sent or emailed to your customer Conclusion: There are multiple ways you can create billing invoices, either by using a business billing app or by using a template in excel. You can search on google for how to generate billing invoices using an excel spreadsheet. These invoices can be saved and shared with the customers as well.


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