This post will explain how to copy and paste text from a camera or photographs onto your smartphone. Users may now cut/paste text directly from the Photos app on their iPhones with iOS 15! Copying and pasting material from a webpage or a document is all it takes. Many of us believe that the internet is more creative than the iPhone when launching unique features. Nonetheless, the iPhone environment’s smoothness and completeness in delivering greater access to the client have no rivals. Let’s get down through the article to learn how to copy and paste text from photos on iPhone with all options available.

Which iPhone Models Are Live Text Compatible?

As far as how to copy and paste text from photos on iPhone is concerned and its compatibility, please remember that the Live Text function is only available on iPhones with the A12 Bionic chipset or higher. A summary of all compatible devices may be seen below.

  1. The newest iPhone versions include the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and 12 Micro.
  2. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro are therefore convertible.
  3. The models iPhone, iPhone X, iPhone XR, XS, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XR,
  4. iPhone SE 2 is the second generation of the iPhone. Also, read How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone | Ways to Recover the Messages

How to Copy And Paste Text from Photos on iPhone Using Live Text?

Below are the options to learn how to copy & paste text from photos on iPhone using live text option.

  1. To commence, open the Camera app from your iPhone’s homepage.
  2. Link to the written texts on a whiteboard or in a notepad.
  3. A small signal in the bottom right corner of the picture will show the Live Text feature.
  4. Before the Live Text indicator appears, hit on the text in the window to select it.
  5. Download Choose All, Interpret, Search, and Sharing options will appear in a squeezebox.
  6. Choose the ‘Copy‘ option from the pop-up window immediately.
  7. After that, go to the app where you wish to save the information you’ve gathered. In this case, I’m storing the information in the Notes software for future use. Also, read How to Use Reading Mode on iPhone | Activate Reader View in iOS & iPadOS

Can You Do More With Phone Numbers Utilizing Live Text?

So far as how to copy and paste text from photos on iPhone is concerned, using Live Text, you can do more than just copy, paste, and translate data from the smartphone camera. You could take a range of events when you have a telephone number in your surroundings or on a picture in the library.

  1. To commence, open the Camera application from your iPhone’s main screen.
  2. Point to a number on a flag, a store emblem, or even a notepad. A small indicator in the bottom right of the digicam will display the Live Text feature.
  3. Once the Live Text indicator appears, tap and hold on the name and address in the camera to select it.
  4. You’ll see Send Message, FaceTime, FaceTime Media, Add to Contacts and Copy in a squeeze window.
  5. Pick your chosen action to do using the contact information. The ‘Copy‘ option from the drop-down menu will suffice in this situation. Also, read How to See Old Notifications on iPhone in 2022 | View Cleared Notifications Now!

How to Title Photos with Live Text?

While talking about how to copy and paste text from photos on iPhone, Live Text would enable to use the Spotlight search to determine phrases captured in a picture from your phot stream for the first time on an iPhone.

  1. Spotlight search on iOS is an outstanding feature. It could explore your papers, applications, websites, and Siri suggestions for relevant keywords. The introduction of Live Text is the cherry on top.
  2. To get started, scroll down from the homepage of your smartphone to get the Spotlight search.
  3. Then type the keyword you want to seek for in images into the Search field. (For instance, I’m typing a company’s title into this field to see if I can find a snapshot of their visitor cards that I shot a long time back.)
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the targeted keywords to the ‘Images From Applications‘ section. When you locate the photograph you’re looking for in the lists, click it to enlarge it. Choose ‘Show More‘ instead to see all the pictures that match the specific keywords.
  5. When hitting the photographed sample, use the vertically ‘positional button‘ to perform a range of tasks, including emailing the photograph, making it a wallpaper, and assigning it to a link. If not, hit the ‘Photos‘ key to launch the Image viewer and display the photograph.
  6. You can now do a little more with your smartphone’s camera and Spotlight, like dragging and pasting content from the lens. Special thanks to the new Live Text function in Apple 15! Also, read How to Fix It When Your iPhone Screen Turns Black and White | Diagnose the Reasons

How can I Copy And Paste Text Using Live Text?

Wrapping Up

While looking to know how to copy and paste text from photos on iPhone, you have a photograph of text on your iOS device that you’d want to record, analyze, or study. Users might use Google Lens or Office Lens; however, with iOS 15  and iPad 15, reading live text has been included in Apple’s app store. With technological intelligence’s help, the unique Live Text feature could recognize words, copy/paste them, place a call, send an email, analyze texts, and scour the web using it. Live Text works alongside live images in real life as well. The feature starts if you aim your iPhone or iPad cam at a banner, document, or any other tangible image containing information. It does work on-site with content graphics. I hope you have learned now how to copy and paste text from photos on iPhone. Further, if you any other question regarding how to copy and paste text from photos on iPhone, please write back to us in the comments section below.


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