When there is any dirt particle inside your iPhone’s port, and you try to insert the charging cable, then it may entirely damage the port. The same happens with AirPods charging case too. And guess what? Apple may deny giving a warranty claim on it as well. Therefore, you must take care of your iPhone’s physical health and, specifically, of your charging port.  Read this article till the end to find out How to Clean iPhone Charging Port, when you should clean it, and how to take water out of it. And don’t worry; cleaning your iPhone’s charging port does not require any professional equipment or skills at all. 

How to Clean iPhone Charging Port?

You can clean your iPhone Charging Port with a lot of equipment that is available in your home. You can pick up a couple of toothpicks, some cotton, soft tissue, and an air dryer. The biggest problem Apple users are facing is that the port gets damaged while cleaning it. Therefore, firstly, you must use a flashlight to check the type of dirt in the charging port. Then, you can gently insert the toothpick to scrape the dust to take it out and try charging it again. Also, read Charging On Hold (Rarely Used On Battery) Meaning | Learn What to Do Next 

How to Clean iPhone Charging Port With a Toothpick?

If your iPhone charging port has debris, then you must use a toothpick to clean it, The process requires complete attention, and you must do it carefully to avoid damaging the charging port. Step 1: Turn off your iPhone and gently use a toothpick.  Step 2: Try to scrape the debris to take it out.  Step 3: Then use a cotton swab on the tip of the toothpick so that it catches the dirt.  Step 4: Then try plugging in the charger again. If it does not works out, then repeat the same process. Also, read How to Share Battery on iPhone | Get Your iPhone Charged Without Battery in 2022

Tools to Avoid While Cleaning Your Charging Port

Here is a list of the tools that you must avoid while cleaning the iPhone.  Alcohol – As it may completely damage your charging port. Water – As it may void the warranty. Earrings –  As these may scratch the surface of your charging port. Liquid Cleaners – As it may cause rust in the charging port.  Safety Pins – As these are sharp objects and may damage internal components. Also, read What is Clean Energy Charging in iOS 16?

How to Remove Water from iPhone Charging Port?

In case the water enters the charging port of your iPhone, then you must clean it this way: Step 1: Turn off your iPhone and do not plug in the charger.  Step 2: Thump it gently on your palm and remove excess water. Step 3: Use an air dryer from a distance, blow your iPhone’s charging port for 5 seconds, and stop. Repeat this process 5-10 times.  Step 4: Leave your iPhone so the charging port gets dried up.  Also, read How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 13? 

How to Avoid iPhone Charging Port from Getting Dirty?

You must keep in mind the following points to keep your charging port safe from the dirt:

Do not leave your iPhone in too humid areas. Do not use your iPhone when there is a chance that it will catch water.  Do not use your iPhone in dusty areas. Do not drop your iPhone in the playground. 

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How to Clean iPhone Charging Port?

Wrapping Up

This brings me to the end of the article How to Clean iPhone Charging Port. If you have learned how to clean your iPhone Charging Port, then drop a comment and let me know. If your charging does not work after following the instructions, you must report it to the Apple Service Center.  



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