Firstly, a secured VPS has regular data backups after the interval of every 24 hours. If due to any reason, your data gets lost you can recover it using the backups. Moreover, VPS uses DDoS protection that often analyses your website’s traffic and blocks if it suspects any suspicious activity.  Along with DDoS protection, secure VPN also has frequent updates. With every update, some vulnerabilities are resolved so it becomes very important to ensure your website is regularly updated. Now that you get the idea of how secured VPS is better than regular VPS. Let’s cover how to choose secured VPS for your business?

How To Choose A Secure VPS?

Since, the more secure your whole system is, the more your website is safe from malware and the more barriers are in between your website and viruses. HostZealot understands the same and gives the best protection to your website so that your business can thrive. You get frequent updates, checks, and a lot more. Plus, HostZealot specializes in VPS Hosting Ubuntu. Hostzealot gives you-

A Variety of LocationsKVM VirtualizationVPS provisioning within one minute Free IPV6 for each VPSVNC access to VPSVariety of Control Panels and a lot more

Factors To Consider While Choosing VPS Hosting Provider For Your Business

Choosing VPS is the preferred choice of many website owners not due to one but several reasons. It is just like dedicated servers but at a lower cost. The security you get from a secured VPS can never be achieved from a shared server. Here are all the factors you need to consider while choosing VPS Hosting Provider for your businesses-

1. Identify Your Requirements

Before you choose a secure VPN, you should know the requirements of your website. Your hosting services will be according to your website requirements. You can contact any IT expert and s/he will identify all the basic and critical requirements of your website. 

2.  Which Service Is Best For Your Business?

There are managed and unmanaged VPS services. In shared hosting you cannot access the server, however, if you don’t need to manage the server (according to your website needs), then it’s no issue. But if your website needs to require you to manage the server, then that cannot be done in shared hosting.  It all depends upon your needs. In VPS, service you get the managed VPS service, so it’s important for you to learn to manage the server. 

3. Operating System

Operating System is another big factor that you must consider. The most common, productive, and reliable choices are Windows and Linux. Windows is already a big name and is also well evolved. This means it has well-defined features and gives you access to more sophisticated technology.  Linux is fairly new and is still catching up a little considering the fact that it is open-source software. Noting that, Linux is also a little cheaper than Windows. So, if you are just trying out or checking out the whole website hosting thing, then you can choose Linux for starters. But, if you want to pursue a website business seriously then Windows will be a smart operating system choice. 

4. Configuration

Another big factor that largely impacts your website’s performance is Configuration. Your website’s performance, speed, loading time depend a lot on the configuration of the server. While configuring, you should know about the capacity of the processor, your RAM, disk size and numbers like that.  You should do good research on the system you are using to create the server, it will determine the efficiency of your configuration at the end. Your server must be capable enough to manage heavy traffic on the website.  Also, you should always choose a good brand name, as they have the best bandwidth quota and customer services. Be well aware of your needs, of the bandwidth you are using, and compare the prices with other web-hosting service providers. 

Wrapping Up

That was all about this article on “How To Choose Secured VPS For Your Business?”.  First, we shared with you what are the advantages of a secured VPS over a regular VPS and secondly, we told you about HostZealot which is a great place to buy your hosting services. At last, we told you about some factors that you should consider while choosing VPS hosting provider for your business. You can share this article with a friend who is interested in buying VPS services recently. Keep visiting us for more relatable stuff!    


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