Hence, read the article written ahead and get to know all the required details about the platform. I am sure you will be able to make the required changes with the process mentioned below. So, know them now and get the details as well. You may also share any feedback or information in the comments below.

Can You Change Your Age on TikTok?

Since 2021 the privacy settings on TikTok have been quite strict. All the accounts under the age of 16 are made private, and they can not change their birth date within the app once their age has been set. So, when you wish to change the date of birth on TikTok, you will need to contact the customer support team when it is inaccurate. Also, read How To Delete Your TikTok Account Without Phone Number, Login & More

How to Change Your Birthday on TikTok?

When you enter the wrong age in TikTok, you may not make a new account and, at the same time, correct it. Hence, you can send an email to TikTok at their official email id to request a change. You can contact the customer support team of TikTok through the Support section. So to do so, refer to the steps as they are mentioned below. 1. Launch TikTok app on your device. 2. Click on the Profile option. 3. In the top right corner, click on the Hamburger option. 4. Go to the Settings and privacy page. 5. Scroll down to the Support section. 6. Click on Report a Problem. 7. Select an Account and profile. 8. Click on Editing profile. 9. Choose the option Other. 10. Click on the option Need more help?  11. You come to a feedback form where you enter the text request and change the date of birth on your account. Then you receive a mail from the TikTok customer support representative in the address linked to your account. You need to provide government-issued identification to confirm the identity and date of birth and make the required changes. Also, read How to Unprivate Your TikTok Account With Just 7 Steps? (2022)

Things to Keep in Mind Before Changing Age on TikTok

Now that you know how to change your age on TikTok, you must learn about the pros and cons and the risks involved. Hence, we have listed some techniques below; follow them as they will help you a lot. And you may also save yourself from losing your TikTok account.

1. Do Not Give Information to Third-party Websites or Strangers

On the internet, people claim that they know how to change the age on TikTok. There are currently no such methods, so it is advisable to approach the support team to do so. Scammers ask for login information to hack the account and steal your data. So, it is advisable not to share your personal information with anyone online. It may cost you the safety of your account.

2. Do Not Use The Log-in-Log-Out Method

To change your age in the TikTok account, Logout of your profile, then you can delete some data files on your device, and then again log back in. But none of the methods that include external changes in the app does not work. So, think twice before wasting your time and choose the right method.  Also, read Why Is My TikTok Account Locked: Unlock TikTok Account RN!

How to Change Age on TikTok?

Wrapping Up

So now you know how to change your birth date on TikTok. I know it is quite easy. But before making the changes, you have to keep in mind the required details required to make the changes. And to make the changes, do not fall prey to the hands of fraudsters who con people and steal their accounts. So, be careful about what you choose.


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