Post News (aka Post dot New, Post. and is founded and owned by the ex-Waze OG CEO, Noam Bardin. It is the latest entry to social media platforms and maybe the last one for 2022. Post News claims to be a place for civil debate and a site for learning from experts. It is installing tools and employing people to make the site the best in terms of dealing with users who don’t behave mannerly. The platform is not open like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others, where you can join or sign up instantly and start using them. Post News lets you join by keeping you on a waitlist for days. Only when the line reaches the end are you allowed to use the platform regularly. As there are not many tools available, you might be wondering how to change handle/username. Be with me; I am here to help you out.

How to Change Handle or Username?

There is no direct tab in the Post setting where you can change your username or handle. However, I have a workaround for you. Basically, you need to hop to the support section and request the developer team to help you with changing the handle or username. Let’s see how to do that: Step 1: Go to the Support section Intercom once you log on to your account on the website. Step 2: Search for Can I change my Post handle. Step 3: Open the article with the same name. Step 4: Hit the hyperlink “this form” as shown in the photo below. Also, read How to Change Your Linktree Username in 9 Easy Steps? Step 5: A Google Doc form will emerge. Paste your profile link. You can get it in the address bar once you are on your Post profile page. Step 6: Enter the email ID and your current handle in the appropriate fields. Also, read How to Change Twitter Username? Easy Guides for iPhone, Android & PC Step 7: Now write your username or handle that you want to keep in the last field. Step 8: Hit the Submit button to send your handle change request. Also, read How To Change Username On Snapchat | Set A Cool Name

Things to Know About the Handle/Username

Post News lets you have a username like Twitter, FB, and others. Your username is a unique web address that cannot have a copy. There may be many profiles with the same display name, but there cannot be two profiles that can have the same username. You can share your username along with the link with your friends who are already on Post to let them add you with just a click. Also, read How to Change Username on TikTok? Is It Possible to Change It username or handle cannot be changed instantly. The developers will review your request. It may take days, even weeks, to review and approve your request. If the requested username is available, Post will let you know and change it. You may have to resubmit the form to get your username changed if the first one wasn’t available. Your handle/username cannot be shorter than 6 letters or characters. It can be 6 letters or longer than that. Your username can be a mix of alphanumeric, and you can add underscores (_). That means you can use any letter from A to Z, any number or digit, and an underscore. Other characters, not even hyphens (-) or dots (.) are allowed. Though you can use them on other social media sites.

How to Change Post News Handle or Username?

Wrapping Up

Though it is a bit hectic work to accomplish, you have the option to change your username. If you are reading this article while you are on the Post News waitlist, you should plan your username beforehand. It is really hard to get your request approved later. However, if it is something unavoidable, you now know how to change handle/username, don’t you?


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