Android phones have many options regarding the bubble color-change, but nothing of this sort has been introduced, even in the new iOS. That’s why you would have to use a third-party app to change iMessage color. There are many options available for free use on the Apple App Store. Dive into this article to know which app you should use to change iMessage color and how you can do it. Go through everything once and you will learn it all.

Learn How To Change iMessage Color In The Easiest Way Possible

Here we will use a third-party app FancyBubble, to change iMessage Color. We have mentioned all the steps keeping FancyBubble as an example. You can choose from any other iMessage bubble color-changing app from the list given in this article. Just in case you don’t want to change iMessage color from your keyboard, know that you can also do the same directly from the app. Follow these steps to change iMessage color from the FancyBubble app. Also, read How To Delete Calendar Events On iPhone? 5 Working Solutions Note: You can also select other applications if you want to change the message bubble color in them.

Best Applications To Change iMessage Color

Now, you will get plenty of options on the Apple App Store that offer to change iMessage color. But, how will you decide? Below, we have shared a list of iOS applications with many customizable color features. Also, read Best Solutions For ‘iPhone Contacts Disappeared’ | Recover Your Contacts

How To Make iMessage Dark Blue?

If somehow you are unable to change the iMessage color, you can simply make the blur a little darker and it looks really cool. You might have seen a friend with a dark blue iMessage bubble color and now you also want the same. Here are all the easiest steps using which you can learn how to make iMessage dark blue- This will make your iMessage dark blue and you won’t even have to download any third-party app or jailbreak your iPhone for it.   

Are We Actually Changing The Message Bubble Here?

No! iOS does not allow anyone to change the message bubble color. There are basically three bubble colors by default, blue, green, and grey. You cannot change the iMessage color without jailbreaking the phone which we all know is against Apple’s guidelines. So, what did we do here?  Also, read How To Hide Location On iPhone In 3 Simple Ways Easily All the applications that you will download from Apple App Store will make you think that you are sending a message bubble that is customized. However, that’s not true. These applications create a picture with the text that you have typed into the customized message bubble and send it as an image. Know that what you are sending is not actually a message, rather it is an image with your text.

Wrapping Up

Many of us are super bored of that same old blue and green messages on iPhones. To make your boring chats interesting you should definitely try changing the iMessage color to make texting more fun. It will not only look super cool but it will also make you want to text more. Since the pandemic has made us a little less social, it is always convenient to text rather than call.  I hope this article was informative for you. If it was then comment below and tell us if you liked it not. We will be glad to hear from you. Also, you can share this article with your friends who would love to send colored messages on their iPhones.  Have a great day ahead and keep visiting Path of EX for the more useful information! 


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