Whether you’re a creator or a patron on Patreon, it’s quite easy to cancel Patreon, although it takes a little while. In some rare cases, it might take up to 30 days for your request to be processed once you submit it through Patreon’s privacy center to cancel. Otherwise, it gets canceled immediately. Maybe you have found that the content you are providing is not reaching the audience it deserves, or maybe you feel like you are doing everything to please your patrons, and nothing seems to be working. Whatever your reason may be, if you want to cancel Patreon, this article will give you some steps to get this done effectively. Keep on reading!

How to Cancel Patreon?

As Patreon is available on both computers and smartphones, canceling Patreon has different methods for each of them. Irrespective of the device, it is easy to cancel Patreon. Let’s know how to cancel Patreon on the computer before I walk you through the smartphone’s cancellation process. Also, read How to Delete Poparazzi Account: Top 2 Methods

How to Cancel Patreon on the Computer?

Patreon can be an amazing tool for creators and artists, but it can also take up a lot of time and energy to keep up with. If you feel like you need to cancel your account, first consider the following questions: Are you still using Patreon? Are you finding that it takes up too much of your time? Do you no longer want to support any of the creators on the site or in general? If you find that it is time to cancel Patreon, nevertheless. Follow these steps to cancel Patreon on a computer or the web. Step 1: Launch the Patreon website on your computer. Step 2: Log on to your account. Step 3: From the navigation on the left sidebar, select Settings. Step 4: From the menubar, select the Active memberships link. Step 5: If you want to cancel a membership, click its Edit link. Step 6: Next, click the Update button followed by the Edit or Cancel Payment option. Step 7: Choose the Edit or Cancel Payment option. Step 8: Hit on the Cancel your membership tab. That is all about canceling Patreon on a desktop. Also, read How to Delete an Account in Locket App: An Easy 7-Step Guide

How to Cancel Patreon on the Smartphone App?

It is equally easy to cancel Patreon on its smartphone app. The process is uniform on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Follow these steps to learn how to: Step 1: Launch the Patreon app on your smartphone. Step 2: Hit on the My memberships option. Step 3: Click on the Profile icon. Step 4: Find the creator and click the pencil icon there. Step 5: Tap Edit or Cancel payment by scrolling down and clicking the button just below the update tab. Step 6: Tap on Cancel your membership Step 7: On the final pop-up, click the Cancel your membership option to confirm. Done! You have successfully learned how to cancel Patreon using the Patreon app and desktop as well. Also, read How to Delete VSCO Account | 3 Easy Ways to Deactivate VSCO Account

Wrapping Up

Here we have reached the end of the article! You have learned how to cancel Patreon. If this article has really helped you out, share it with your friends who are also looking for the process. For more How-tos, keep surfing Path of EX.


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