We always love to create entertaining videos and upload them on social media platforms, as we do on Tik-Tok. If you want to share your videos with your friends or with public users, then sit back, relax and start building an Instagram profile. We have packed all the information through this article, like creating beautiful reels by using editing tools. Let’s see how this viral growth of Reels on Instagram works.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new way that lets you create videos with more fun and entertainment. You can make 15 to 60-second videos or add multiple videos together using audios, filters, and different trending effects. You can simply scroll vertically and see the latest trending videos from popular creators. Also, read Instagram Restrict vs Block | How To Differentiate? Instagram Reels can be shared with your followers or with anyone if your account is public. You can become a popular creator on Instagram and make your videos available to the Instagram community.

How To Create Reels On Instagram?

To create Reels on Instagram, go through the following steps:

Open the Instagram App.Tap on the Reels icon, which is present at the bottom.Then select Audio, Length, Speed, Effects, Touch Up, video Layout, Timer according to your preferences(On the left side of your screen).Then tap on the Reels icon outlined in the white circle; you can also preview it before uploading and do further editing or remake it again if necessary.Then select Next and select cover image, tag people, add people and hashtags, caption, save a draft of your reel and share with your followers. They can see your videos in their feeds and on your profile.You can also Discard a clip if you don’t like your video.

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Steps To Add Text To Instagram Reels

Once you have created the video, the next step is to Add Text to your reels to make your videos creative or give that unique touch to make them more attractive, entertaining, or informative in a short way. Instagram has a global reach; if you are about to start a business, you can make Instagram a marketing tool. Convert your Instagram followers into subscribers. For example, you want to start an online mental health treatment for behavioral well-being.

Simply make an Instagram Reel.Create some business-based content.Use text-based points by perceiving the target audience’s opinion so that you will get more eyes on your reel. Add a caption for more information, like visiting your website. 

This way, you can make your Reels as an advertising tool.  Also, read How To Edit A Comment On Instagram 2021? Below down are the steps for adding Text to your Instagram Reels:

Open the Instagram app.Tap on the  Reels icon to make a new video, or go through your gallery and add a video for editing.

Tap on Preview.

On the top of the editing screen, you will see the different icons.

Select “Aa,” which is meant for adding text present on the top right corner.

After clicking “Aa,” you will see the vertical line(|) appearing in the middle of the screen, and you can start typing.

Select the different text styles and fonts (present at the bottom of your screen).

Select color, alignment, resize and animate Text (present on the top of the screen).

 Tap on Done.

Select Next and share with your followers.

How To Make Text Appear And Disappear On Instagram Reels?

To make Text appear and disappear on Instagram reels. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

Tap on “Aa” and add multiple texts if you want, and you will see these texts appear at the bottom of the screen in separate boxes.

Tap on each of the “Text boxes” and do editing.

After selecting the text box, a white outline will surround your video in a “Rectangle box.”

Drag the vertical line(|) inside the box and adjust start and end time. 

Tap and deselect the text box again. 

Select other text boxes and adjust accordingly

Tap on “Next” and upload your reel.

Wrapping Up

We hope you got enlightened with the best ways of making reels embedded with beautifully designed text styles. If you do not feel satisfied with the above solutions, you can try different Reel editing apps on your device. Keep creating amazing Reels. Share this article with your friends and leave us a comment if you find this article useful.


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