To add clickable links to Instagram is not a difficult job. All you need is an established IG account, time to employ, and a lot of patience. But before knowing how to do so, it is equally important to know where can you add clickable links on Instagram? When you are going to add a clickable link on Instagram, a note to keep in mind is that they only work or, are “clickable” in your Instagram bio and your Instagram story!!! Too, only if you have more than 10k followers on Instagram. And, whenever you feel too clever and add a link in some popular celebrity’s comment section or your caption box to get clicks and drive traffic to the desired destination, it just becomes plain text and doesn’t work as a clickable link. So what can be done? Don’t worry, you can add links in your bio, But how?

The first thing to note is that anyone can add a clickable link in the Instagram bio !! Whether your Instagram account is public or personal, has tons of followers, or no followers at all it doesn’t matter. All you need to do is:

Go to your profile.Go to the edit profile option (it’s the one where you can also edit your username, name, and bio of the profile)Just above the section where you edit bio, you’ll see a section that says “add website”. This is where you add your link.Add the link,Click save changes.

voila! now when you go back to your profile, you’ll have a clickable link there!! Happy??? Also, read How to Set Up an Instagram Shop? But what about the stories? Though stories remain actively visible for mere 24hrs, yet it pays more impact on the audience. So what to do about this?

Well, we all do follow certain social media influencers and stars who consistently keep on adding swipe-up links or, clickable links to their Instagram stories but you cannot. Have you wondered why? This is because Instagram gives people with more followers (more than 10,000 followers) and celebrities or the verified Instagram handles some special treatment. This provides them with extra features. And one of them is the perk of adding a clickable link to them also called the “call to action” button. But don’t worry, you can also do then once you have more than 10k followers on your Instagram handle. Also, check out How to Use Instagram Guides for Business? Follow the guide below if you intent of adding clickable links to Instagram stories:

Create an aesthetic story or the story you desire to create.On the top bar of the “create a story” interface, tap on the link icon.Insert the link using that icon and you’re done.Add a call-to-action button to invite your followers to ‘swipe up to get to your clickable link and finally to the destination of your choice.

The good news is that Instagram sure has made things easier for influencers and celebrities.

The lesser-known fact is that you can add a swipe-up link to your story and add a call to action button too even if you do not have the desired amount of followers.- Yes, you can do it!!! But the condition being- the Igtv video should be posted on your account. And, here’s how you can add a clickable link in your Instagram story [adding an IGTV VIDEO] :

Create a story.Just before posting it, on the top of the screen, there’s a linking option.Click on that linking option.You’ll be shown options link tag business partner, allow a business partner to promote, etc.You can do that if the story you’re creating is in with sponsorship with someone. (this adds an “in paid partnership” tag under your username in the story interface).Around there somewhere is an option called “add an IGTV video”.Click on “add an IGTV video” and link to your desired IGTV video in the story.

Also, read How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2021: Expert’s Top Advice Now when you’ll check your story from any other account, a clickable link or a swipe-up link linking to that specific post will be shown in the story. Wuhu!!!

Having repeatedly said that clickable links work only in Instagram bio and stories, you can use some simple tricks and get your way to add a clickable link to the Instagram handle. Here’s how:

you can create another Instagram handle (mostly referred to as promoter handle) and mention it anywhere you want to. Instagram usernames can be mentioned anywhere- bios, captions, comments, stories, captions, and even DMs too!Use that handle to put an extra link in the bio and to reach more people to get to your main account and subsequently to the link.

and holy-moly, it works! Bonus tip: whenever you post something and write a sassy caption, ask your followers to check the link in bio. It lets the readers/followers know how to get there.


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