TikTok is not just a photo or video-sharing platform. It is also a platform that helps you to connect with people and help you earn a living. You can use the bio to redirect them to other platforms where they would get to know about your work and may even like to collaborate with you which will attract more sponsors. Now that you know the importance of the bio in TikTok you may feel like adding important links to your website and social media platforms which would help you optimize your bio on the platform. So, read ahead on how to add a link to TikTok Bio and know them in detail.

Are you finding it difficult to add a link to your TikTok bio? Change your account to a business account. It is free; you can return to a personal account later if you want. When you switch back and forth between the accounts, you do not lose any data.

  1. Click on the Me option.
  2. Click on the Hamburger option.
  3. Click on the option of Manage Account.
  4. Click on the option of Switch to Pro Account.
  5. Click on the Business option.
  6. Click on Continue.
  7. Choose a category for your business. Note: Here you need to change the account to a business account and then add the link.
  8. Click on the Me option.
  9. Click on Edit Profile.
  10. Click on Add your website.
  11. In the box, type the website address.
  12. Click on Save. Also, read How To Know If You’re Being Shadowbanned on TikTok? (2022)

How to Add a Website to TikTok Bio?

To add a website to the TikTok bio refer to the steps and information below:

  1. Click on the option Me.
  2. Click on the option of Edit Profile. You will find an option saying website; here, you have to add the clickable link in the bio. You can change your account to get that option when you do not have that option. Also, read Why Can’t I Repost on TikTok & How to Fix It? (Updated)

The link in your bio can be used to link to the websites that help people enjoy more content or even support you directly. Go through the points below.

  1. You can promote your work through a personal website.
  2. For drawing contributions, you need Paypal or Venmo accounts.
  3. For the contributors, you need a Patreon page.
  4. Use your about page to help others know you better.
  5. Support any cause.
  6. These will redirect the viewers where you need them. Also, read Senate Ban TikTok on Government Devices: Is This True?

Wrapping Up

Adding a link to the bio in your TikTok account is not difficult. You only have to know the methods to do the same. And for that, I have given you the information on How To Add A Link To TikTok Bio. I hope you find the article helpful and get to use the details at your convenience. You can also refer to the other articles on TikTok on our website Path of EX.


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