TikTok has new viral and trending videos every other day. While the feat seems impossible, there are a few hacks you can try to go viral on the app. One of the easiest ways to grow on TikTok is by staying connected to your audience. You can add Linktree to TikTok. This will help your followers to find you on other social platforms. If you want to make videos that are different than other videos on the app. You can try to remove the Invisible Body Filter. You can also pin comments on TikTok. This will help you in being more interactive with your audience. Another new filter on TikTok is the Trickster effect. If you are unable to get the Trickster voice effect, you can try a few DIY fixes. So, does TikTok really read your mind through the app? Let me tell you how TikTok reads your mind.

Does TikTok Read Your Mind?

Tiktok uses an algorithm that is proven time and again to be addictive. The app has gathered data on users that makes it easy for you to feel like spending more time on the app. You do feel like the app reads your mind at times. It does not read your mind in reality. But it has enough information on you, your location, video preferences, and more. This makes it easy for the algorithm to know which videos you will enjoy at a specific time. So many users have said that their feed showed videos of what was on their minds. This does not mean that you are being tracked or watched. TikTok just has a really powerful algorithm. This is one of the main reasons why the app influences how you think and feel after watching videos on TikTok. Also, read Why Does TikTok Take Up So Much Storage: Know The Reason Now

How TikTok Reads Your Mind?

Technically, TikTok does not read your minds. But TikTok has revealed that it does use an enhanced and more powerful algorithm. This algorithm analyses your feed. The app has information on the videos you have liked and the videos you watch on the app. It further pushes more videos on your ‘For You’ page that is similar to the ones you have liked. So in this way, you will keep watching and liking similar videos. Also, read What is the ‘Post to View’ Feature on TikTok & How to Get it

How TikTok Reads Your Mind With Its Algorithm?

As discussed above, TikTok does not actually read your mind. However, the workings of TikTok are strong. The algorithm used will actually make you wonder how TikTok reads your mind. And why won’t you? So, without further ado, let us look into how TikTok reads your mind using its algorithm:

1. Activity on the App

One way TikTok reads your mind is by analyzing your activity on the app. It stores the data on your likes, watch history, comments & shares. The algorithm also stores the videos your re-watch. All this information is then used to push videos that are similar to the ones you have seen on the app. This is one way in which TikTok reads your mind. By keeping track of your activity on the app, it shows you the videos that you enjoy the most. This is also another reason why you feel like you are hooked to the app.

2. Audio Clips

You might not know this, but TikTok never promotes videos. It promotes audio clips for you to make videos. This indirectly urges you to make videos. The app then analysis which audio you use. Most importantly, it keeps track of all the audio and videos you watch on the app. This feature makes TikTok one of its kind app. Unlike any other app, the algorithm subtly encourages you to make videos by showing your relevant audio. Though the app is advertised as a video-sharing app, it uses audio clips so that you are interested in making videos. Also, read How to Delete a TikTok Video on iPhone, Android & Desktop (2022)

3. Country-Specific Language

TikTok does not show the same content for all countries. The For You page on each app is for each country. You will be shown more videos in native languages in different countries. As English is understood by most in the USA more videos in English are promoted. But you will be shown videos for different languages on the app when you are traveling. Knowing country-specific information also helps to know the audience of a region. In this way, TikTok shows videos to you in your native language. This way, the app knows which audio you will enjoy more. The more videos you watch in the audio you like, the more you feel like making videos. This increases the time you spend on the app, and makes you feel like TikTok can read your mind.

4. Information About the Smart Device

When you download TikTok on your phone, it stores much more information than you think. The app doesn’t just store account details such as likes, watches, re-watches, and saved videos. TikTok saves information on your Country, language preferences as well as your mobile device. The app stores information on which device you use, the model year, and much more. This gives the app an in-depth view of the audience it is targeting. The algorithm then combines all this information to add videos to your ‘For You’ page. Now you know how TikTok reads your mind from the app. While pushing more similar videos on apps is common with modern algorithms, does this affect your thinking? Let me tell you how does TikTok affect the way you think. Also, read How To Transfer TikTok Drafts To Another Phone: 5 Easy Steps

Does TikTok Affect the Way You Think?

TikTok does not directly affect your thinking. But it does influence the way you watch videos on the app. Since the algorithm makes you watch videos with similar context, navigating it can get tricky. If you end up watching videos that influence your thinking in the wrong way, the algorithm will push more such videos into your feed. So in this way, TikTok can actually affect the way you think. Since we all spend a ton of time on the app, it will highly influence your decisions. Also, read How to See Who Saved Your TikTok? Is it Possible!

Wrapping Up

So, now you have the answer to how TikTok reads your mind. The app has a powerful algorithm that analyses all the videos you watch and like. Unlike other apps, TikTok also gathers information on the videos you watch. Follow us for more updates. Keep coming back to Path of EX!


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