Taylor Swift has released her long-awaited Midnights album; her lyrics have generated new trends and creative sounds for TikTokers to use. The one currently taking over the video-sharing app is to do with the song Mastermind. In one part, Swift’s lyrics talk about getting into a relationship “by design,” which makes it appear as an accident or faith. So, please read the article ahead to know about TikTok Mastermind Trend. I know you would be excited to know the real reason for the trend and may also use it yourself.

What is TikTok Mastermind Trend?

Some TikTokers have taken the lyrics of the song and related them to their relationships in the case of “boyfriend acquisitions.” A TikToker claimed that she messaged her boyfriend with recommendations of “20 books” after he sought them on the platform of Instagram. She would dive deep into his posts, send his favorites, and “impress him” despite not reading them. One TikToker even stated that she brought her boyfriend books to borrow because she knew it would guarantee her a second date and keep her on his mind till the thanksgiving break, and currently, they are married. Another claimed that she pursued her mom to hire her boyfriend as a maths tutor so they could spend time together. Currently, they have been dating for almost three years now. Also, read What is TikTok Pulse | Boost Your Business With TikTok RN!

Reactions of TikTokers on The Trend

One post from TikToker, lyssielooloo, has earned over 1 million views and talked about how she found a band on Spotify. She learned the words of the songs and tagged them in her Instagram stories to secure a date. In one of her posts, she said that she told her boyfriend she did not know anything about his music, and currently, it has been two years since they have been dating. Some users have been seeking further advice from other TikTokers, asking for more tips and background of the stories. Everyone does not like the posts. Some users did not like the post and reacted that they do not believe in playing games in order to find love. Some feel the entire trend is dramatized and not real. Some feel that girls should pay attention to such details as the boys did. They should read books and listen to music for real and should not make fake statements about it. Hence, some users find the trend weird and meaningless. Also, read What is I Never Meant To Break Your Heart Trend on TikTok & How to Do It?

Wrapping Up

The latest trends in Taylor Swift’s songs have taken TikTok by storm. People like the song quite a lot. They have even utilized the song in their way and found out methods of utilizing it. So, if you want to know about any more trends on TikTok, then refer to our website Parth of EX for more details. I am sure you will not be disappointed.


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