If you really want to learn about a YouTuber’s income then you should probably cover your basics first. Do you know what is CPM? CPM is cost per thousand views and this particular attribute is what this article is going to revolve around. In short, if your CPM is higher, you’re going to earn more. If CPM is low you aren’t going to earn well. If you have understood the meaning of CPM then let’s jump to the next section. You will first learn what impacts CPM, who are potentially good viewers, what viewers do advertisers want and then you’ll get the answer to how much does YouTube pay for 1 million views. So let’s start the article.  

What Factors Affect Your YouTube Channel’s Revenue?  

Before giving you the numbers you must understand what factors create those numbers. What parameters matter and what don’t. Also, this will help you understand your analytics stats better if you have begun your YouTube journey. Every YouTuber has faced many difficulties in figuring out these factors but we have sorted these ones for you-

1. The Geographic Location Of Your Viewers

It’s a fact that some countries have bigger economies than others and the same impacts your YouTube channels’ revenue. How? The average earning of an American is seven times bigger than the earning of an Indian. This means a company would like to advertise its products in the US as compared to America, because of potential customers.  If your channel gets a higher audience from the US, then more companies would like to advertise their product on your channel because the customer base is more likely to spend if s/he is from the US. Higher CPM from a country with a good economy is directly proportional to your YouTube channels’ revenue.  Also, read 15 Richest YouTubers in the World Along With Their Net-Worth

2. The Age Group Of Your Audience

There are basically 6 age groups on YouTube. Firstly have a look at the age groups and then we will cover how age groups matter your channel’s revenue.  Every age group has an average income level. As we mentioned earlier, Advertisers want to show their ads to people who earn more so that they can buy their products and services. The age groups which are less than 25, have an annual earning of $27,914 approximately. The age group of 45-54, has worked most of their lives and has an annual earning of $80,000. Clearly, advertisers want to show more ads to a channel that has a more viewer base ranging between 45-54.  Also, advertisers will pay higher CPM to you if you have 45-54 viewer base as compared to a channel that has other audience groups.  If a game stream video on YouTube has more than a million views, obviously its viewers are going to be between the ages of 13-17 and 18-24. This means that advertisers won’t be paying a higher CPM to this channel.  

3. The Niche Of Your YouTube Channel

Marina Mogliko, a creator on YouTube, got the seven niches out of all the possible niches and they are the most profitable niches of all time. Again, it depends on the ages of viewers but a person who’s turning 40 won’t be searching about some hacks to do on iPhone or what are the cheat codes of a game. S/he will be more interested in things that actually matter. Like the seven niches researched by Marina Mogliko- If your channel follows these niches or it is somewhere around these, then even if you don’t have a million views, advertisers will pay you more than someone who has a million views on their video but follows a niche that attracts younger generations.  The essence of the talk is the niche of your YouTube channel matters.  Also, read How to download YouTube Videos on iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC | Best Guide in 2021

4. Seasonal Up Downs in CPM

Suppose you have a beauty channel on YouTube, and around the festival seasons like Halloween and Thanksgiving people usually want to gift something to their loved ones, so advertisers will pay more CPM to you for promoting their products in the season. All because of the viewers’ behavior.  In the same way, after Thanksgiving, the purchasing behavior of viewers will drop until Christmas and the CPM will rise again. So, getting more views around the season can be highly beneficial for you.  Also, read Be A Diva! 6 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Makeup for Beginners in 2021

5. Type Of Ads You Are Putting On Your Channel

Do you know there are different types of ads that you can put on your channel? Minimum seven types of ads are seen. Once your channel gets monetized your first feeling would be to put all kinds of ads on your channel, be it display ads, sponsored cards, or non-skippable ads. But hold on! There are different CPMs for every kind of ad. Before you choose a particular ad, make sure you go through their CPM analytics.  Check out, Fame Alert! 5 YouTubers Who Got Viral Overnight

6. Made For Kids Channel Makes Low Revenue

A few years ago, YouTube was fined for violating “Children’s Online Privacy Act”. This act prohibits platforms for collecting data of viewers who are less than 13. To put ads on a channel, advertisers must know about their viewers’ info and age groups. If a channel has a “made for kids channel” it basically makes you will get lesser revenue than other channels.  Also, kids aren’t likely to click on an ad, they have no money so the advertisers don’t want to promote their ads and services on a kids’ channel.  Also, read List of 50 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

7. Are Your Videos “Safe” For Viewing?

If your videos show adult content, violence, or anything inappropriate for any basic audience then your channel has CPM killers. No advertiser wants to give its ad on a channel that shows any kind of inappropriate content. Even if your channel has only a single video that falls under YouTube’s sensitive content definition then it can be a huge reason for lowering your monetization. 

How Much Does YouTube Pay For 1 Million Views? 

As we just told you, a lot of factors impact CPM and your views including the age group you are targeting and the niches you are following. If we were to say a number then on average a YouTuber earns between $2,000 to $5,000 for 1 million views.  This doesn’t mean you cannot earn more than this with more or fewer views. If your CPM is low then you might not land between $2,000-$5,000. If your channel has a higher CPM then you might earn more than $5,000 with even 800,000 views. It all depends upon the factors that we just talked about. Also, read 30+ Most Liked Videos On YouTube 2021 | Proof That We Love BTS

Wrapping Up

I hope you got your answer to how much does YouTube pay for 1 million views. The number is between $2,000 and $5,000. But other factors affect your CPM like targetted age group, niche, the kinds of ads that are on your channel. You can learn even more than this with a lot fewer views.  If this article was informative for you then comment below and do not forget to share this article with your friends. Keep Visiting PathOfEx and have a great day! 


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