This action-adventure game is expected to be a huge success. The game is inspired by a real event, taken from the Indian Armed Forces’ history. The game is the inspiration from the Galwan Valley incident.  We all know, since the first news about the game was heard, it was compared to the recently banned PUB-G (Players Unknown Battleground). Along with comparing both the games, people have also criticized the homegrown app FAU-G by calling it a copy of the very famous PUB-G.  However, to all these controversies and criticism, the co-founder of nCore games, Vishal Gondal said in an interview with the Indian Express that the game has been in plans for a long time and should not be compared with PUB-G. Now the PUB-G is making a comeback in India, with its new and customized PUBG Mobile, we can expect good competition and a variety of options of games in the year 2021. After the ban of PUB-G in India in August, the Indian Company announced the arrival of FAU-G in September. Since then, the fans have made comparisons between the two games. The developers had, however, refused to draw a comparison as they stick to the fact that both the games are very different from each other.

How are PUB-G and FAU-G Different?

Game Modes

We all know that PUB-G is a battle royale game and FAU-G is an action-packed game. But then what is the difference? Also, read 7 Best MOBA Games for Android | Must-Try Games – 2021 The Battle Royale game is a game mode in which a huge number of players battle with each other and the last man remaining wins. whereas, the FAU-G will feature the Galwan Valley incidents. The players in the game will not battle among themselves rather they will be insurgents.  Along with this, the FAU-G developers have commented on the fact that they might add the Battle Royale mode in future updates.

Player Mode

Considering the latest news and information regarding the new game FAU-G, we know that the game does not feature any player versus player mode. Rather, FAU-G is a single-player game and can be changed into co-op mode. Whereas, PUB-G is a player versus player game.

Real and Virtual Scenarios

The developers have made this very clear that the new game is inspired by a real-life event. This game will show the bravery and the sacrifice of the soldiers made during the Galwan Valley Incident. The scenes in FAU-G will be real-life based and this would increase the excitement of the game. The Google Play Store description of the game reads, “Based on real-world scenarios, FAU-G brings to life the thrill and adrenaline of a life spent guarding India’s borders.” PUB-G on the other hand, is set as a virtual simulation training ground.  Also, read Best Augmented Reality Games 2021 For Mobile and PC

Game Structure

FAU-G is expected to be an episode-based or level based game which will be based on real-world events. The first episode or the level of the game is expected to be in Galwan Valley. Whereas PUB-G is a multiplayer game where players compete against each other.

Parent Company

The FAU-G is a made in India game which depicts real-life events and on the other hand, PUB-G Mobile India is made in South Korea.


Privacy was a very big factor of concern in the PUB-G. The user’s privacy and information were tampered with time and again. But, this will never be an issue in the case of FAU-G as the information will remain within the country. So, rest assured because there won’t be any misuse of your information. 

What is the release date of FAU-G?

There is no information on the release date of the game. The trailer of the game was supposed to come out at Dussehra, but unfortunately, there wasn’t any trailer.  As per the sources, the game can be expected to launch in the month of December 2020. If everything goes according to plan, we can see the game in December. But if things go south, we can expect the launch to happen somewhere around January 2021.  The developers are making sure to catch the December timeline and we are also hoping for the same to happen.  The pre-registration of the game has already begun and more than millions of people have already registered for the game. You can pre-register the game from the Google Play Store.


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