The automotive industry has taken steps to prevent accidents that could lead to life-changing injuries and fatalities. By reviewing the new technology, auto owners learn how the new products protect the owners and others on the roadways.   Forward Collision Systems and Emergency Braking  Forward collision systems decrease power to the engine and engage the braking system to prevent a collision. Newer vehicles have these features to measure the distance between two vehicles to determine when the brakes should be applied to stop the vehicle in an adequate time. Getting a car with these safety features can help you qualify for dirt cheap insurance rates. The technology can lower the risk of a driver rear-ending a car and causing avoidable damage and injuries. Common reasons for these collisions are looking at the wrong side of the road, distracted driving, and speeding. Victims of rear-end wrecks get started on a claim by hiring an injury attorney now.    Electronic Stability Control The technology is beneficial if a driver runs off the road because of risky road conditions or bad weather. Excessive rainfall on the roadways can cause vehicles to slide off the road and cause a collision and serious injuries. The feature slows down the vehicle and applies the brakes to the wheels to lower the speed at which the car crashes off the roadway. While the feature doesn’t stop a collision each time, the technology could prevent severe auto damage or serious injuries for the driver and passengers.   Traction Control Systems The traction control systems are helpful in slippery roadway conditions and stop the tires from spinning as the driver accelerates. The feature isn’t the same as anti-lock brakes in that the feature decreases the torque applied to each wheel and lowers the risk of an accident because the road is too wet or the driver is operating the vehicle during heavy rainfall.   Lane Departure Warning Systems Distracted and exhausted driving are common reasons in which the driver could deviate from their lane and move over to another lane or off the roadway. As the wheels start to turn or move in the incorrect direction, the automobile sends an alert to the driver on the dashboard at a volume that gets their attention quickly. While many state laws prohibit texting and driving, many drivers continue to use smartphones when driving, but the feature could lower the risk of accidents.   Self-Driving Features for High-End Automobiles Many new automobile releases offer different levels of control including full self-driving modes that allow the automobile to drive itself. The features are beneficial for any drivers who are tired but need to travel. Once the vehicle has been adjusted to full self-driving, the owner doesn’t control any aspects of the vehicle operations, and the car will stop on its own. For drivers who travel great distances, the features could reduce accidents because of exhaustion or because the driver fell asleep.   Improved technology in automobiles power features that lower the risk of an auto accident and keep everyone safer on the roadways. Common reasons for accidents are distractions, texting and driving, and exhaustion. By finding the right features, many auto owners can stay safer and avoid liabilities that lead to personal injury claims.  


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