One of the mightiest social media platforms that celebrities use and enjoy is undoubtedly Twitter. It is widely loved and popular among the high profiles of societies. However, its survival is doubted. That is why it is being left and new platforms are explored by the users. I am sure Twitter is working on the thing to sort them out. It is better to explore other options at the time. Hive Social is presently trending at #1 in the social networking category of the iOS App Store and #2 in Andriod. It is a recent addition to Andriod’s app store. It was listed on the platform in November 2022, almost three years later than Apple’s App Store. Let us explore how does Hive Social work.

How Does Hive Social Work?

The objective of Hive Social is to create a better option and alternative to major social media platforms. The app is loaded with multiple cool features one may find in scattered forms. You have the option to make your Hive Social profile attractive at the same time you can fill it as if you are writing your life story in posts, questions, and more. Here are elements that will let you understand how does Hive Social work if you are new to the platform.

1. User Interface

Have you ever used Instagram? Hive Social is a replica of Instagram in terms of user interface and appearance. The first page — the landing page—like Instagram or Facebook is dedicated to the Local Timeline. You will see the posts and activities of the accounts you follow chronologically. You have icons like Profile Photo at the bottom right, and messaging page link (icon) at the top right corner. Once you are on your profile you will have an access to your settings, profile tools, and more similar to Instagram.

2. Profile Tools

Hive Social has the most compact tools to decorate and sort your profile page. Your Display Name and Username go under your profile photo and banner. You can choose to display or hide your zodiac sign, website, pronouns, bio, and more. Also, read Which Mastodon Server to Join: Get Your Answer!

3. Join Hive Social

You can join Hive Social using your email or phone number. When you open the app for the first time, you will be prompted to create an account or log in. You can sign in directly with your Google email account or iCloud email ID. It will ask for your name and DOB and interests. Follow the on-screen instructions until you see the “Explore” page.

4. Types of Posts

Unlike Instagram, Hive Social lets you post text-only posts as well as others. You can create posts with multiple photos, that will work as a slide. Your text over photos will be considered a caption as well as a post. You can post a poll and get answers and votes from your followers and people in the following list of your Hive Social account. Hive Social comes with Giphy search, you can use it and create a post with a GIF or a GIF post without any text. You can pose questions on your friends’ timelines as well. To know more about how to create Hive Social Posts, click here.

5. Hive Social Algorithm

Hive Social does not affect your home feed with its algorithm. It actually does not believe in algorithms at all. That means you won’t be flooded with any post that is neither your interest nor a post from your friends. Hive Social keeps ads and promotions off your home page. There will be some but not like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Your friends’ posts will be displayed justly and chronologically on your home feed without any shadow banning. Also, read How to Get Verified on Mastodon: Here is the Easiest Guide

6. Music on Hive Social Profile

You can choose to express yourself through music on your profile. The Music icon when pressed can take you to the customized list of the user. You can enlist your favorite music or the music that makes yourself more clear to recognize.

7. Color Themes

Color themes are another great feature you don’t have there on most social media platforms. You can choose between 35+ colors to decorate your Hive Social appearance. Color themes work on headers, poll options, icons, and more. Your color theme is limited to you. You cannot get disturbed by other users’ choices and preferences. You can choose what soothes you and your eyes.

8. Hive Social Safety

Hive Social is a safe end-to-end encrypted platform when it comes to messaging. It has other safety features as well. There are community rules that keep the environment peaceful and enjoyable. If you see any post or account behaving the opposite. You can block them on Hive Social or you can even report them. If your reporting is found factual and correct, the reported account will be removed or suspended. Also, read Is Hive a Safe App? Everything You Need to Know (2022)

9. Messaging

DMs on Hive Social are very basic as of now. You can access the page with a click on the chat bubble icon on the top of the home page. The chats allow photo sharing, video sharing, and GIF sharing along with text messaging. The calling feature is yet unavailable.

10. Friends, Followers, and Following

A person you want to see on your home page needs to be followed. You can Likewise if a person wants to see your posts, they have to follow you. When you follow each other these accounts are called friends, though other people in the list are friends too. Following someone on Hive Social is super easy, go to the profile and hit “Follow” and that is done.

11. Privacy Tools

You can choose between keeping your account private to the public when it comes to general privacy. Private account posts and engagements are hidden from the people who are neither followed nor in following. Other privacy tools include “Comments Privacy”, “Visibility Privacy”, “Blocking”, “Filtering” and more.
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Overview of the Hive Social Platform

Twitter’s format and Instagram’s appearance along with Gas Apps Polls and Myspace’s music inclusion make Hive Social. It is hence a compact social media account that has features of many leading platforms in one place. Hive Social works on Android and iOS smartphones as an app. It cannot be surfed in web browsers. You can use Twitter and Instagram on your Desktop and on your smartphone without downloading their apps. But you cannot use Hive Social without the Hive Social app downloaded on your iPhone or on your Android smartphone.

Wrapping Up

That is all about how does Hive Social work. I hope this article will be helpful and easy to understand. Hive Social brings back real social media features. While other platforms are trying to be more e-commercial sites, Hive Social justifies the use and purpose of social media. Our Path of EX team is dedicated to making trending social sites easy for you. We bring their positives and negatives fairly. Keep exploring more about them here.


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