About seven months ago, when I first began competing for intense exercise, I began hearing competitors discuss their VO2 max, how and when to increase it, and how reliable fitness trackers are at accurately testing these values. This article will scout the Garmin fitness watch to understand how does Garmin calculate Vo2 max in an effective way.

How Does Garmin Calculate Vo2 Max?

There are a very low number of people who can bear the expenses of testing in laboratories. Watch brands like Garmin have come up with a way where users can calculate Vo2 max with the help of their watches. Garmin has used its Firstbeat Fitness test to estimate or calculate Vo2 for a wide range of activities. You can evidently watch the patent of the technology. Garmin collects the following data from athletes or sportspersons to calculate Vo2 Max.

Personal background information is collected. The person starts to exercise with a device that monitors and collects data from Heart rate and speed. The data recorded from the activity is segregated into different heart rate scales, followed by the user’s background information. While doing the activity, reliability is measured based on continuous activity. The more credible data are used to measure the fitness level via Heart rate and speed.

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Vo2 Max Garmin Calaculation

VO2 Max is calculated using speed data from trustworthy sections. And use one of the VO2 computations shown below; this would be taken from an approximately 30-second time interval. In reference to these calculated values, Heart rate is utilized to give you the details on the efforts of segments. Therefore, once you set the heart rate, it’s on Garmin to determine your efforts. This will result in calculating the Vo2 as a %VO2 max. Also, read How to Add A Workout to Apple Watch in 2022: Track All Burnt Calories!

How Accurate is Garmin Vo2 Max?

We are living in a generation where we can measure data through the help of wearables. It will help the athletes and the sportsperson analyze the data and improve their physical performance. But one thing should be checked how accurate is Garmin’s Vo2 max? Firstbeat Analytics, which is a part or unit of Garmin Ltd, researches at its own level to authenticate the technology and its effectiveness to determine the Vo2 max. This study takes 79 different runners with 2690 steps who had a previous Vo2 max tested during a 6 to 9-month period. The results from these athletes determine that Garmin’s VO2 max was about 95% correct, and the error was found to be quite negligible, i.e., 3.5ml/kg/min. The results were surprising and gave an error of about 10 to 15%. There are several other factors that need to be considered. If a user has miscalculated their HRmax by 15 beats per minute, then it is seen that the Vo2 max will display an error of around 9%. While on the other side, If a user has to overestimate their HRmax b 15 beats per minute, then it is seen that the Vo2 max will display an error of around 7%. In case the athlete’s authentic HRmax is known, then the error will be minimized to just 5%. I will just suggest you remain active on the daily workout and keep track of it and all enclosed user information. This will make Garmin’s technology the best and most useful tool for calculating Vo2 Max. Also, read Can Apple Watch Series 8 Detect Heart Attacks?

Which Garmin Watches Measure Vo2 Max?

There are a number of Garmin watches available in the market which can measure Vo2 Max. Following are some of the models that use the First beat technology.

How Does Garmin Calculate Vo2 Max?

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Wrapping Up

Garmin is a renowned and trustworthy brand for sportspersons and athletes all around the globe. The software of Garmin is beyond excellence and helps you to track your level of fitness and also helps you to accomplish your results in a better way. This article talks about how Garmin calculates Vo2 Max. Comment down if you find the article insightful, and share your thoughts on these new and health-oriented features in a smartwatch that gives you a healthy and wonderful lifestyle.


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