It is not a compulsion for the monsters to understand that spell. Spells so cast for the targets can be bard or Warlock. Bard spell harms the monsters physically because bards know the trick to sing that has a deep frequency as of the creature’s brain. Whereas the Warlock spell is distressing due to the in-built secrets of the man that was not meant to know. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw. However, it results in 3d6 psychic injury if it is a failed save.    Having a reaction is always a safe option for the creatures. It gives them a way to move out of the range. When a whisper spell is cast from the other end, the deafened monster can leave or escape as quickly as possible. DnD Dissonant Whisper in 5e holds the power to target the mind of the monster. Damaging them physically can be difficult but killing them through emotions is uncomplicated. In this write-up, you are going to find out how Dissonant whispers in 5e DnD work and what it is all about. Go on and resolve your confusion. 

Effect of DnD Dissonant Whisper Spell on the Creatures

Dissonant Whisper in 5e DnD is an enchantment spell that creates a cacophonous whisper to damage the target. It is a melody-based spell. Dissonant whisper doesn’t depend upon any language. Casters use this discordant melody to target the creatures. They force the creatures to make a failed saving throw by being psychologically disturbed and damaged. Monsters are highly affected by this spell unless or until they are not deaf or deafened by a spell or influence.  Also, read 5e Scimitar of Speed Vs Rapier | Difference Between Scimitar and Rapier in DnD

Dissonant Whisper DnD Details:

(Source: Player’s Handbook)

Dissonant Words in 5e DnD and Its Potency

Dissonant Words are not actually words but a vocal cast. It terrifies the enemy at a major level with its amazing power and influence. It drops the planned attack of the monsters and forces them to make a failed throw. This spell can be cast anytime, which makes it the best spell in DnD.  However, it is yet to be cleared whether the immunity from fearful conditions would affect the application of spell or not. Dissonant whispers are not introduced to the frightening conditions but the DM, somehow, declares it to be irrelevant for the creatures.  Also, read How Sharpshooter 5e Feat DnD Interacts With Hunter Ranger’s Volley Feature?

Who Cast the Dissonant Whispers 5e DnD?

Primarily, only Bards have the Dissonant Whispers 5e DnD included in their spell list. They have the supreme power to cast the spell predominantly. Although, Warlocks of the Great Old One do have the spell on their expanded spell list.  Other characters and players can also cast the 5e Dissonant Whispers in DnD by taking the Magic Initiate feat and opting for their Bard class.

DnD Dissonant Whisper Damage Levels

Dissonant Whispers 5e DnD has the ability to make damage by 1d6 when a spell is cast by using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher. In other words, the strength and effect of damage can differ from slot to slot. Consider the following table to know the effect of each spell cast at different slots.  Also, read Mobile Feat 5e or Sentinel Feat DnD: Which One Is Better?

Damage Level At Different Slots

Are Dissonant Whispers Not Found in 5e DnDbeyond?

Unfortunately, Dissonant whispers are not accessible to the players of 5e DnD SRD. It does not mean that it is not available in the fifth edition of DnD. A character can get it unlocked from the market before using the spell on DnD Beyond. It is found in the player’s handbook. 

The Casting of Dissonant Whispers in the 5e DnD

The dissonant Whisper spell works amazingly on the target with low wisdom, say goblin or kobold. It is a low-level damage spell where 3d6 damage is a solid one. It goes up to other levels by the time, making it a powerful one. Although, high-wisdom targets can be a problem. Follow my advice:  target the ones that are not deaf or monsters with low wisdom to ensure the failed to save throw.  Dissonant Whispers force the enemies to use their reaction to escape or move or leave the range.  Also, read Benefits of Sharpshooter 5e Feat DnD | Combination of Sharpshooter & Crossbow Expert!

Is There a Possibility That a Dissonant Whisper Will Fail With the Enemy’s Charm?

No, the immunity of the enemy’s charmed condition has no particular effect on the Dissonant Whispers. Regardless of how charming an enemy is, Dissonant Whispers will target the enemy’s psychic to the same extent as it did earlier.  Also, check out Absorb Elements 5e DnD: The Ultimate Spell To Give You Resistance

Wrapping Up

In DnD 5e, Dissonant Whispers is referred to as a fantastic spell by the players. Causing psychic damage to the creatures and affecting their saving throw is highly useful in DnD. Construct creatures are also taken into account during the spell cast, which makes it pretty beefy.  Honestly, I really cannot imagine my character without the Dissonant Whisper spell. It makes it so easy to deal with the monsters. So, if you are still confused about it, I would say ‘ Go For It’.  Fight that creature, Champion. Also, do let me know about your experience in the comment section below. Good Luck! Arrivederci..!!


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