This question is right about to be answered in this article. Even the option to buy real 20 IG likes every time brings genuine visitors who would order their products Here are collected top effective ways that can help you to redirect people to site and get the most benefits. 

Use Influencer Marketing

This is a great way to spend the promotion budget for beginners and more experienced ones. Using the popularity of Instagram celebrities can increase loyalty and likes to your brand – people tend to trust more the brands that are promoted by known personalities who already have their reputation built on social media. Using influencer marketing is a great way to: 

increase the visibility of your brand, grow your brand name, attract potential customers with a soft impact. 

Aggressive marketing isn’t appreciated on social platforms, so be attentive to receive a smooth promotion that really motivates users to buy your products.

Try to Use Stories as Much as Possible

Nothing on Instagram can be taken into account as mighty as IG stories are. This form of content has made a true revolution on social media ever since it was launched in 2016. And although it was not invented on Instagram, it was this app where stories have demonstrated max potential.  With time, this form of content has evolved and now you can effectively complete many tasks with it – and redirecting traffic is included. There is a sticker that allows you to add clickable links to your story and also a special promotion form that is available for business profiles.  Don’t forget, that you can re-promote your older posts to collect more likes or share evergreen information considering your products, via stories as well by simply reposting them in your stories from time to time. Besides, stories are a great method to maintain your presence on the platform and thus increase the activity on your account. 

Make Attractive Content

Remember that Instagram has a strong potential as a visual treat for your eyes. And nothing can motivate users to buy the item as powerfully as beautiful pictures and videos. Show your fans how cool your product is by making exquisite content with it. No need to sell, you have only to impress the viewer. Demonstrate the product as it is, making each aspect of it interesting to the user to make them leave likes.  Instagram basically sells the idea, and if this task is completely successful, then you will have no additional efforts for driving people to your website. This is a part of soft promotion that pushes users to purchase delicately without typical sales phrases and moves.  In addition to visual support, you have to push your audience to buy with calls to action, which can only be effective when paired with a fine image. 

Come Up with Contests

This is not how you actually drive the audience to your website, but such initiatives increase interest and activity on your account, as well as promote the product with Insta likes. Create a simple lottery or contest where users compete for the popular item. If the budget allows, you can set several prizes, and offer discounts for all participants. This way you can produce more interest to your account on Instagram and as a logical conclusion – more traffic on your website. 

Talk Your Audience into Visiting Your Site

Yup, communication is a basis that makes social media so effective when you need to persuade the audience into doing what you want. One of the most interesting and simple ways to do that is to offer exclusive promo codes that will work on your site, and provide those only on Instagram. Also, don’t forget to share it for likes so more Insta users can see it. Such exclusiveness attracts more people to your profile, and as a result, more people will visit your site using the link from IG – it’s easier for users and shortens the process of purchase.  Maintain a constant dialogue with your customers, so they feel a connection with you – talking also motivates users to visit your vending site. 

Of course, you have to keep your link before the eyes of the audience almost permanently, so use the maximum that Instagram offers for you to collect likes. The main places to mention it:

Stories,  Highlights,  Reels,  Your bio.

Don’t use direct links in your posts and comment replies – Instagram prohibits redirecting this way, so any link will become inactive there. It will be better if you simply tell your viewers to get to the link in your bio. Alternatively, you can send the link in direct messaging.  However, in Ads, you can add active links to your post, so do not neglect the opportunity to drive users straight to the marketplace from promoting materials, dropping the element of visiting the profile and subscribing to it. It may be useless for gaining more followers or likes on IG, but quite effective for increasing website traffic and sales. 

Never Neglect the Power of Ads

Ads on Instagram are a healthy alternative to influencer marketing, and sometimes it intertwines with it too. Anyway, if the goal is to increase your website traffic, you should run a campaign. Ads on this platform basically look like a post, so it is easy to design. You can even use an existing post, if it fits your goal. The link is added as you form campaign settings, such as:

Target audience  Prolongation Budget

Most experts consider paid ads as a better choice for beginners, because along with actual goals, like redirecting traffic to the website and collect Instagram likes, ads also help to establish associations with the brand and form a recognizable image. Influencer marketing is much better to be added to strategy later, when you have to prove the product quality to your potential customers. 

Expose Credibility

Another proven method to stimulate visiting your website is showing that you are worth the attention and trust. On social media, Instagram in particular, it can be done with high retention – simply exposing feedback from your customers. Let others know that you produce great stuff, and you will see how your likes and traffic grows quickly and effectively.  Encourage users to try your product and provide real information about it – for example, if you produce and sell apparel, like t-shirts or dresses, you should post a lot of photos which will prove to your customers that you have your attention on details, sewing, or so, and that your items look good on real people. 

Engage Your Audience

Use the huge variety of content formats that Instagram offers to you. In Stories you can easily engage users, entertain them and then lightly push them to swipe up by adding a relevant call to action. In posts you can explain the value of your brand. Videos and photos are the main instruments that help to persuade the audience and make them trust you, as well as want to have your product.  Of course, live sessions are an important instrument too. In the real-time format, you can communicate and expose your product at best. Be sure to promote your new sessions at least a week before the start, and find a place in your scenario to squeeze in a few mentions of your site. 


Instagram is an incredibly powerful instrument for promotion. Having your strategy set and ready will ensure you will achieve levers that assist you in redirecting visitors to your site right away from the network from the most likable posts. Be careful with putting the link – if you overdo it, you will risk your credibility. Users come to social networks mostly to relax and have fun, for example, on Youtube, so they will not appreciate salesy notes in your profile on IG. 


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