Peacock TV is an independent service when it comes to video streaming. It is an American-based subscription platform broadcasting great entertainment content for its viewer base. To add, it comes under the parent NBC family. The platform has a lot to offer, and the best is its Peacock originals.  With so much to offer, students love to have discounts on every possible thing that can accommodate their budget. For some obvious reasons, television shows and movies are on the top list. Let us see if Peacock subscribers can avail Peacock TV Student Discount?

How to Avail Peacock TV Student Discount?

After immense scanning and skimming, researching, and reviewing, I have found out that there is no Peacock TV Student Discount. But, worry not, there are various other packages that Peacock TV has to offer and entertain the masses. So, even if you are leading a student life, you can avail of various other bundles and offers Peacock TV has.  Also, as currently there are no student packages or discounts, keep looking up this space. If I come across any Peacock TV Student Discount, I will add the update.  Also, read How to Get Paramount Plus Student Discount | Here is How 4 Years Covered!

Why Peacock TV Does Not Offer Peacock TV Student Discount?

Peacock is NBC’s Universal streaming service. It is a platform where you can stream a hundred iconic TV shows, hit movies, and current NBC hits. If a service provider is offering so much to the audience, an aware and smart consumer, digging out the best that suits you. Here are the details about the offers and bundles from Peacock TV.  The channels under Peacock Include NBC proper, NBC News, Syfy, Bravo, and many more. Subscription plans for Peacock are mentioned below.

Peacock TV with Ads: Peacock TV with Ads costs from $4.99 per month to $50 per annum.Peacock TV without Ads: Peacock TV without Ads costs $49.99 per month to $100 per annum.

Devices to Operate Peacock You can access Peacock on devices like Apple TV, LG Smart TV,  PlayStation 4, Chromecast, Microsoft Xbox One, Android Phones, iPhones, etc. What can be better than this? You can watch it over your phone as well wherever, and whenever you want. Also, read How to Get HBO Max Student Discount In 2022 Answered Here

How to Subscribe to Peacock TV?

So what if there is no Peacock TV Student Discount? There are so many packages you can benefit from. You can also go for a free trial to experience its services. For this, you need to subscribe to Peacock TV. Follow the steps. 

  1. Download the Peacock Application on your device.
  2. Enter your E-mail address and required Credentials.
  3. Create an account. 4.  Choose the available or required plan.
  4. You can now watch Peacock TV on your device. You can also watch Peacock TV from different locations. Pro Tip: You and your friend can watch Peacock TV on your Mobile Phone. So, you can purchase two different packages covering different sets of shows, channels, and movies. This way, you can do collective watching like collective studies! Also, read How to Change Hulu Age Restriction? A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents

Wrapping Up

Nevertheless, Peacock TV broadcasts content from its parent group NBC, it has so much to offer from its originals and various other networks like Nickelodeon, Universal Kids, WWE, Universal Pictures, DreamWorks, and Focus Features.  Who does not want to save a few extra bucks and purchase packages from a streaming service like Peacock? So what if there is no Peacock TV Student Discount, you can benefit from its other services. 


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