If you are one of the Twitter leavers and want to know how to use Hive Social and what features are there in comparison to Twitter, this Hive Social vs Twitter would help you out in finding your answers.

Hive Social vs Twitter: Popularity Comparison

Twitter is obviously more popular with millions of downloads, users, and shared posts than Hive Social. However, as of now, Hive Social is trending #1 and #2 on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) respectively in their social networking sites’ categories. Twitter is there for more than a decade and Hive Social is there since 2019, rather it is less than a month old on Android. Hive Social is still trending and emerged as an alternative to Twitter. It is, hence, not a one-sided popularity game. Hive Social is a great competitor. Also, read What Does Question Mark Mean On Hive Social? Get Your Answer here!

Hive Social vs Twitter: User Interface

You may have a different opinion but I like Hive Social’s user interface much more than Twitter’s. Hive Social is easy to understand. Even if you are not a netizen or know little about social media, you will get to know how to use Hive Social in the blink of an eye. Twitter is a bit complicated, with so many tools and features to check in. And the blunt changes that are presently appearing on Twitter make it more complicated than ever. I am a regular Twitter user, if I use it a day later I struggle with options and locations of tools. Hive Social is customizable. There are more than 35 color themes that you can use to make it look soothing to your eyes and character. There are 3 tabs on your Hive Social profile. It is easier to sort the genre of posts for your viewers. You have multiple tabs on your Twitter handle as well. But, they are not as classified as Hive Social.

Hive Social vs Twitter: Modes

Twitter has an advantage here. You can use Twitter across all computers, tablets, and smartphones. But Hive Social is currently limited to iPhone and Android devices. Additionally, its Android app is quite basic. It freezes and hangs at times. Home feed takes longer to load. Twitter is available on the desktop web, and mobile web and it has apps for both computers as well as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Hive Social has no web version. However, you can use Hive Social on a desktop with some third-party tools. I am not favoring Hive Social, but it is obvious the app will evolve and we will see a smoother and wider range of applications for internet-surfing devices soon.

Hive Social vs Twitter: DMs

DMing (Direct Messaging) is pretty much the same on Twitter and Hive Social. However, Twitter has an upper hand over Hive Social. On Twitter, you can delete a single message as well as an entire chat head. But on Hive Social, you cannot delete a single message. You need to delete an entire chat if you want to remove a message. Twitter lets you react to messages and you can also remove a message for the recipient. But you don’t have that freedom and choice on Hive Social. Also, read How to DM on Hive Social: Stay Connected With Private Messaging

Hive Social vs Twitter: Editing A Post

Yes, you can edit a post on Hive Social. An editing feature is a powerful tool. It lets you rectify typos and incorrect grammar or facts. It helps you retain your likes and comments on the post. But on Twitter, you don’t have the edit button. Previously, it was opened for Twitter Blue subscribers, and the subscription was discontinued along with other features and plans. The hope of getting the edit button distanced. If you make a mistake on Tweet, you have to delete it and then re-Tweet. You will lose all “likes” and “retweets” as well as “replies”.

Hive Social vs Twitter: Profile Page

Your profile page is one of the other features that are the same on both platforms. The banner and the profile photo and the profile “Edit” button are identical. You have the list of Followers and Following immediately under your profile photo on Hive Social and it is quite at the end of the About You space on Twitter. On Twitter, you have four tabs that show your Tweets, Tweets & Replies, Media, and Likes. On Hive Social profile you have only 3 tabs “all posts”, “only Image posts” and “only text posts”. You will find the “Tweet activity” button, an option to find Tweet’s insight. There are no options to check the activity of Hive Social posts. But can flaunt your proud zodiac sign on Hive Social. Whereas on Twitter, you can display your DOB and it does not leave that cool appearance as a zodiac sign does when you are into signs and stars. You can also add music to your profile on Hive Social and introduce yourself in a language that is dear to all.

Hive Social vs Twitter: Algorithm

The Twitter algorithm is deeper and heavier than Hive Social. You will see irrelevant emails from Twitter for posts you are least interested in quite often. Once you check a couple of Tweets of a handle. It will take you a lot to get rid of the account from your home feed and notifications tab. Hive Social doesn’t mingle and interferes with your feed with algorithms. You have your interests and people you follow on your home feed and nothing else. It does not flood your timeline with advertisements disguised behind posts and videos. Hive Social fairly shows your friends’ posts chronologically on your home timeline.

Hive Social vs Twitter: Celebrities’ Sight

Celebrities are more fond of Twitter than any other social media account. After Twitter, if you want to follow your favorite actors, musicians, singers, authors, politicians, and more you may switch to Instagram. Other profiles including Hive Social is lacking the traffic of high-profile people. But, people in the small number are trying here and there. You may see your favorite celebrity soon on Hive Social. Social media, at the end of the day, does not have the aim to present you with people you haven’t ever met. Hive Social works better with friends. Also, read How to Follow Someone On Hive: 5 Steps [With Pictures]

Hive Social vs Twitter: Mass Media Perspective

Tweets are next to the news. All important pieces of information are shared via Twitter by legit users. You may find it very frequent in the news where a Tweet is quoted. Tweets are viewed as the powerful opinions shared by their handles. Today, news, compies, politicians, international bodies, and national and regional offices all try to represent themselves with a Twitter handle. This importance is not in the fortune of other social media platforms, at least “presently”. Even though Twitter is going through an exodus, people are still giving more authenticity to a Tweet rather than a Hive Social toot or a post shared outside Twitter. Hive Social is a new platform it may take time to get more authenticity regarding its mass media perspectives.

Hive Social vs Twitter: Privacy Policy

Both Hive Social and Twitter are bound to their set of rules, aka community guidelines. Though there are algorithms and more stuff one may dislike, Twitter is a genuine platform to keep your private data private. Similarly, Hive Social is also an authentic platform. Hive Social is a safe platform to share your data. There are situations where you may find an account is compromised or hacked, that happens everywhere, not just with Twitter or Hive Social. You need to take care of your accounts everywhere. You can block anyone on Hive Social along with reporting accounts and posts and filter words. You can do the same on Twitter. Also, read Is Hive Social Not Working? 4 Fixes to Try Right Now! (2022)

Wrapping Up

If there were not any confusion and changes happening around Twitter, it could have been far ahead of Hive Social. But, as of now, Hive Social is turning out to be a tough competitor for all leading social media platforms, especially Twitter, which is staggered to its basis. I hope you will have a better insight into Hive Social vs Twitter. I would suggest you try Hive Social and stay connected on your Twitter as long as you feel to leave either of them. For more perspicuity of Hive Social or Twitter, keep surfing Path of EX.


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