Hive Social was launched in 2019 on the iOS platform. However, It got users’ attention a month ago. People who are not finding Twitter fun anymore, are trying out alternatives to Twitter that can suffice their microblogging and social media surfing thirst. Mastodon and Hive Social are presently the best Twitter replacements. As Mastodon is an open-source social media platform with thousands of third-party instances and apps, users who are not much into the tips and tricks of apps did not like the idea. Then Hive Social came into the picture. It is comparatively easier to use and has multiple advanced features and tools.  One of the features of the Hive Social is Q&A. This feature makes it closer to Reddit. The Q&A feature makes Hive Social a platform for discussions, guides, and queries. But does this feature really place Hive Social and Reddit on the same page? Let’s find it out by comparing the features of Hive Social vs Reddit. 

Hive Social vs Reddit: User Interface

Hive Social has a beautiful and familiar user interface. It has pages and tabs similar to Twitter and Instagram. Its appearance resembles Instagram to its bits. Be it the messaging icon or the bottom panel; it will make you think about whether you are on Hive Social or Instagram.  Reddit has an unnatural and complicated user interface. Its icons and names are so different that it will take you a month or two to learn the names, post, and master the Reddit tools and links. But with little to no knowledge about apps, you can master Hive Social within a day or max a week.  Hive Social interface is charming too. Though the app is in its initial stages on Google Play, Android users have shown immense love and attention for the app. When you switch to Reddit, you see those forward slashes before names and a messed-up linear look. Also, read Hive Social vs Twitter: Is Hive Social as Strong as Twitter?

Hive Social vs Reddit: Ideology

The idea behind Reddit is social news aggregation, rating, and discussions. Redditors upload their content like photos, videos, links, blogs, and more, which get up or downvotes from other Redditors. And Hive Social is a pure social media platform to make friends by letting people follow you and inviting others to follow them, similar to Instagram or Twitter.  Reddit is popular among geeks and people who love reading and writing real stuff relating to problems. Your questions get multiple answers from many Redditors. On the other hand, Hive Social has an entertainment element more powerful than the research or query-related philosophy. It cares more about likes and friend circles. Also, read Is Hive a Safe App? Everything You Need to Know (2022)

Hive Social Vs Reddit: Popularity

Though Hive Social is very new compared to Reddit, it is popular among the users of the social media genre. Hive Social recently hit #1 and #2 positions in the social networking categories of App Store and Google Play, respectively.  However, Reddit is a behemoth in its field; it has millions of ratings and users and has held the top spot for years. Reddit is the 9th most-surfed and visited website across the globe and the 6th most-visited site in the United States.  Reddit is more popular and has over 1.7 billion monthly active users. And less than half of them are registered users. As a result, Reddit is one of the largest sites where unregistered users can check answers and general discussions.  Hive Social has only 2 million users compared to the 50-52 million registered Reddit users. Also, read How to Use Hive Social: Everything You Need to Know

Hive Social Vs Reddit: Connection Activities

There are no such connections like “Following,” “Followers,” or “Friends” on Reddit as it is not a social networking platform. However, people can send and receive messages, reactions, and comments. You can join a person on their boards and stay engaged with their posts. Hive Social is a mainstream social media networking site where you make friends in terms of “Followers” and “Followings.” You can DM your friends on Hive Social. Send them texts, photos, videos, and GIFs. You can also follow anyone you want on Hive Social as long as they allow you. Hive Social lets you choose you can send chats and comments. You can also limit the post visibility to a certain group. Also, read How Does Hive Social Work: Here’s the Step-by-step Guide (2022)

Hive Social Vs Reddit: Q&A

The Questions and Answers (Q&A) feature is one of the similarities between Hive Social vs. Reddit. There are plenty of Reddit communities that invite Redditors to join them and ask questions. You can also post a question on your profile and wait for the Redditors’ answers. It is quite simple to ask a question on Hive Social. You just need to go to the profile where you want to ask questions and click on the note of interrogation (?). However, questions on Reddit are open discussions. Members can join it and answer it as per their information and understanding. You may have thousands of answers — brief, elaborated, logical, sensible, irrelevant, and more and more — for your one question. Being the larger network, Reddit is more suitable for Q&A and discussions. Also, read How to Setup Hive Social Profile Quickly: Simple & Easy Guide

Hive Social Vs Reddit: Posts

The posting feature of Hive Social vs Reddit is a tie to some extent. You can post long text-only posts, videos, images, and polls on both platforms. Reddit allows you to tag your post as “original content,” “NSFW,” and more, and Hive Social too lets you tag your post as “NFSW.” Posts on Hive Social are not as visible as on Reddit. You can search for your published Reddit posts on any search engine outside the platform. Hive Social posts are rarely available on search engine result pages. However, it is easier to create a Hive Social post than creating a post on Reddit. If you are a writer and want to create a larger community, you should try both of them along with other social media platforms. But if you have to choose one of the two, go with Reddit. It works as your personal blog, and there are millions of readers available on the platform. Also, read How to Change Your Notifications Settings on Hive in 5 Steps

Hive Social Vs Reddit: Modes

Hive Social is available only to iPhones. It is available for Android as well, but the Android app is in beta test mode. It lags and takes longer to load. Most of the Hive Social users come from the iOS platform. Hive Social can only be accessed through the app. There is no web version for computers, tabs, or smartphones. Reddit can be accessed across all computers, tablets and smartphones. It has an app available for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and Android tablets. You can access it on a web browser as well. Also, read How to Block Someone on Hive Social: Get Rid of Unwanted People

Hive Social Vs Reddit: Algorithm

Hive Social does not disturb your home feed with heavy algorithms. It fairly shows the posts of your following list and interests. Irrelevant posts cannot be seen popping up on your Hive Social account. Reddit algorithm brings you irrelevant topics, posts, videos, and whatnot. It is really hard to keep your feed sorted. You see Redditors that you may have not even heard of with topics that you could be least interested in. Also, read How to Change Your Color Theme on Hive Social With Just 6 Steps

Hive Social Vs Reddit: Operations

The main feature where I am more inclined to Reddit is the speed of the platform. It loads better, quicker and smoother. The Reddit app and the web do not make you wait for posts to load or switch between the pages and timelines. The Hive Social app runs heavier and slower, especially on Android. It takes minutes to load. The cache does not help you either. Soon you exit the app, and you will need to spend minutes loading your profile page, let alone your home feed or your friend’s page. Also, read How to Find Friends on Hive Social: Follow People You Enjoy!

Wrapping Up

That is all about Hive Social vs Reddit. Both have different purposes altogether. However, both are trying to be each other. With features like short videos, live chat, and social media type app, Reddit is trying to be a social media platform. The Q&A feature of Hive Social vs Reddit is different and has a limited reach. I hope you have now figured out the differences and similarities between Hive social and Reddit. If this article was a help, share it with your friends and family. Keep surfing Path of EX for more insight into Reddit and Hive Social.


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